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Moment Ukraine army shell hits Russian TV crew caught on tape (VIDEO)

Published time: June 17, 2014 12:32
Edited time: June 17, 2014 13:33
Screenshot from VESTI video

Screenshot from VESTI video

A TV camera recorded the moment Russian journalists (from Rossiya TV)came under fire while working near Lugansk, E. Ukraine.

Two journalists died from wounds sustained during the Ukrainian military barrage. Reporter Igor Kornelyuk passed away on the operating table, a doctor at a local hospital confirmed to RT. The second alleged victim, sound engineer Anton Voloshin, reportedly died at the attack scene.

2 Russian journalists killed in Ukraine military shelling

The footage was taken in Mirny, near Lugansk. After a first barrage the camera catches two distant figures taking shelter. The next mortar rounds targeted the area near the journalists. The camera is put down and turned over.

The footage was made by cameramen Viktor Denisov, the third journalist with the Rossiya channel crew.

Having escaped with locals he told Vesti: “I ran over to our guys and to the soldiers wounded in the explosion, while trying to get some footage and help people to safety. We walked for a kilometer… it was dangerous walking in the open," he said.

Mortar shelling & explosions could be heard the entire time. Shrapnel flew at us”.

Screenshot from VESTI video

Several local residents were filmed in the explosion aftermath as was a man in camouflage that was allegedly dragging a body.

A few moments later two more blasts hit, followed by a column of dark smoke.

The crew’s taxi driver told LifeNews the journalists took a direct hit. “Three journalists and 10-15 militias came under fire. We were standing at a traffic-police post at the entrance to Metallist. The journalists got out of the car to observe the fighting and capture the images. Literally a minute later, several shells hit them where they were standing”.

He added that the journalists wore no bulletproof vests or helmets, but “even if they had, this would not have helped them.”

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Nicole 18.07.2014 17:49

[quote name='Holly Parks' time='17.06.2014 21:20']Every place in the world where there is war you will find the footprint of the U.S. ... 90 percent of their population believe what they see on T.V. and what their government...false flag operation like Vietnam. They are kept together and herded like sheep by the dollar.

Wow ...I am American and sadly this is the truth. I am watching it unfold before my eyes...CNN and Fox are demonizing Putin and Russia continually calling for the protection of the sovereign Ukraine from terrorists. Where to find the truth?


Joaquim Pedroso 18.06.2014 22:00

mwclove 18.06.2014 11:38

The RT article and the pictures/video clearly show mercenaries together with civilians. Casualties are said to be both civilian and soldiers. Isn't this the main problem - civilians used as cover and for publicity. This is a well used tactic across the world. Stop pretending Kiev is fighting against benign civilians...


human stupidity doesn't has limits...

t housands of pictures clearly show fascists and blackwater mercenaries in the kiev maiden protests, in kiev criminal forces, etc...

and what do you say about that blind?


mwclove 18.06.2014 19:19

Muhammad Abbass 18.06.2014 15:37

If you felt any natural human emotion you'd not slander them and lie. Ukraine is no longer a legal entity if we must be technical and the area is not Ukraine anymore by it;s own choice. ...Anyway you mealy mouthed nonce, your guys are going to lose. Russia has already ....


Calm down Muhammad - not even Putin agrees with you regarding the status of Ukraine - never mind the rest of the World. But since you are apparently able to read people's minds maybe you can all by yourself determine international land boundaries. I bow to your superiority.

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