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Militia down chopper near Slavyansk, 9 feared dead – military spokesman

Published time: June 24, 2014 15:15
Edited time: June 24, 2014 19:30
RIA Novosti / Mikhail Voskresenskiy

RIA Novosti / Mikhail Voskresenskiy

Nine people are feared dead after self-defense forces in the Donetsk region shot down a Ukrainian army helicopter, which was used for transporting military cargo, a Kiev spokesman said.

The Mi-8 helicopter was downed “at about 5 pm local time at Karachun Mountain near Slavyansk by a rocket fired from a portable air defense system,” eastern Ukraine military operation spokesman, Vladislav Seleznyov, wrote on his Facebook page.

“There were nine people aboard the helicopter. According to preliminary information, all those aboard died in the crash,”
he said, adding that the helicopter was returning to a Ukrainian checkpoint after a cargo delivery mission.

The self-defense troops, who fired the missile, escaped to the nearby village of Bylbasovka, Seleznyov wrote.

The Ukraine’s National Guard fighters told the Ukrainskaya Pravda newspaper that the Mi-8 helicopter was downed during takeoff from Karachun Mountain (a strategic high point near Slavyansk where the Ukrainian army’s artillery is deployed).

The place where the shot came from has been established, with troops currently being deployed there, the source in the National Guard added.

The Ukrainian forces continued shelling the village of Semyonovka on the outskirts of Slavyansk on Tuesday night and during the day, the self-defense forces of the People’s Republic of Donetsk told ITAR-TASS news agency earlier.

The heavy artillery fire has prevented the self-defense forces from recovering the bodies of two of its troops killed the previous day, they said.

“There’s no living thing left in the village. Everything is devastated, including factories and railway crossings,” the self-defense forces stressed. “The houses are abandoned. Nobody is harvesting crops from their gardens.”

Meanwhile, the town of Slavyansk remains without a water supply, with the majority of shops and pharmacies staying closed.

Also on Tuesday, a crew from Russia’s Channel One was caught in the shelling outside Slavyansk; the journalists luckily avoided injury.

Also, fighting is currently underway in the suburbs of the city of Donetsk, said Aleksandr Boroday, prime minister of the People's Republic of Donetsk.

“Artillery and armored vehicles are being used,” he told RIA-Novosti news agency, adding people have already been killed and injured in the fighting.

President Vladimir Putin has expressed concern over the resumption of hostilities in Slavyansk and urged Kiev to strive to bring about an end to the bloodshed in southeastern Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, now I have relevant information that in one of the most troubled areas – near the city of Slavyansk – the fighting is currently underway; [Kiev's] paratroopers have landed there and there are already victims. It’s sad,” Putin said during a press-conference in Vienna, Austria.

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The fighting in the Donetsk region is continuing despite the seven-day ceasefire announced by Ukraine’s new president, Petro Poroshenko, on June 20, which was agreed to by the self-defense forces on Monday.

Putin stressed that "the declarations should be backed by real actions, otherwise none of the problems will be solved.”

“Simply declaring a ceasefire isn’t enough,” the Russian president said, calling on the sides to begin “substantive negotiations” on the matter as soon as possible.

“Seven days of ceasefire is insufficient,” he added.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has not excluded the possibility of a premature cancellation of the ceasefire in the country's southeast, the president's press service said.

During a meeting with the heads of the country’s security agencies, he touched upon the issue of the downed helicopter, saying that the self-defense forces have no respect for the truce.

According to the president, Kiev's forces have come under fire 35 times since he announced his peace plan last week.

Poroshenko gave the security agencies “an order to open fire without hesitation” on the self-defense forces," the president’s press service said.

But the authorities of the People's Republic of Donetsk said the “so-called ceasefire,” which Porosheko now wants to cancel, “was never in place.”

“The Ukrainian security forces began shelling Semyonovka and Slavyansk in the morning,” Miroslav Rudenko, one of the Donbas self-defense leaders, told Interfax news agency, adding that the artillery fire was less intense than in previous days, but still steady.

“It was only a declaration [of truce]. On the ground, hostilities didn’t stop even for an hour,”
he added.

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EUUSR 25.06.2014 16:45

If I was Putin I would have had my tanks on the border and the pressure full on.

I would have had an international conference and stated that 'Ru will not stand by and watch the slaughter of innocent people', and that 'Ru will invade and resolve the situation through overwhelming force unless Kiev and the East sit down and come to a amicable settlement'. 'Ru will not tolerate the sacrifice of innocents through the use of unregulated/uncontro lled forces who are committing war crimes against the people' etc.

Putin should be doing a cuban missle crisis and ask his generals what matters more, principles or materialism?


dan.w 25.06.2014 15:24

@nocencio Braga

The fact you are so anti RF proves the fact that you are retarded, why would russia want UE what do they gain by turning everyone against them? and before you say land or resources RF has more than anyone so maybe control but what do they gain from controlling UE? also why cant you see what the yanks are doing to your country, can you not see what the EU has done & is still doing to the rest of europe why would you want to be apart of that? what you need to do is not align your self with anyone be neutral otherwise you will be the first to suffer in the impending war unless you stop killing your own.


Cover 25.06.2014 11:42

Inocencio Braga 25.06.2014 08:29

That area is the territory of Ukraine, Ukrainian must remain under the laws of Ukraine, who is unhappy, go elsewhere.


Except Kiev don't abide law of Ukraine. None of the current government were voted to power, they overthrew a legally elected president too. The Donbass people don't agree to live in such Ukraine, they were never asked if they support Maidan or not, so they demand 'Ukraine' to go back to Kiev and leave them alone.

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