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#IsraelDefending or #GazaUnderAttack? 'Protective Edge' from both sides of conflict

Published time: July 09, 2014 01:10
Smoke rises after an Israeli air strike in northern Gaza July 8, 2014. (Reuters / Amir Cohen)

Smoke rises after an Israeli air strike in northern Gaza July 8, 2014. (Reuters / Amir Cohen)

Amid the continuing escalation of violence between Israel and Gaza, RT spoke to representatives from both the Israel Defense Forces and Hamas to gain a better understanding of how each side views the conflict.

A spokesperson for Gaza's Ministry of Health confirmed that a total of 23 Palestinians have been killed and another 122 injured in Israeli airstrikes since Operation Protective Edge began.

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“This is a real war against Gaza and a real aggression,” Gaza Ministry of Information spokesperson Isra Al-Modallal told RT. “This is a real disgusting operation against humanity in Gaza.”

“It started with escalation on some specific places of the resistance and Hamas movement members. Right now it moved to the children, people, and innocent places,” she added. “It is illegal and immoral behavior from Israel.”

Meanwhile, Tel Aviv says 117 Gaza rockets have struck Israel in the past 24 hours, and an additional 29 were intercepted by the Iron Dome. Large cities, including Jerusalem, were hit. Authorities say no casualties have been reported.

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Israel Defense Forces spokesperson Peter Lerner defended Israel's airstrikes with the 'lack of alternatives' argument.

“What is the alternative? Just let Hamas terrorists continue their barrage of aggression of rockets? In the last 24 hours, we’ve had 130 rockets that targeted our civilians. It is unacceptable, unbearable, and indeed nobody would like that,” he told RT.

“From the military point of view, our mission is to safeguard the civilians. We have to take terrorists and their activities off the table. We can’t live under this threat,” he added.

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Bruce Lee 10.07.2014 00:17

Amazing how the illegal occupier can be seen as the victim. Let's not insult animals by calling Israeli "animals". They are insects.


Norhalis Piperdy 09.07.2014 21:59

Poul Volles Rooää Andersen 09.07.2014 21:56

Defend ? Defend ??!

Israel is the opressor and the occupier,.
Natur ally palestine will defend itself !
- If Israel REALLY wanted peace they would agree to the internationally recognized borders of 1948..

Get out of palestine !!


Defend with what? They don't have weapons!
Why not u go defend Palestine with ur fist? Going against Israel with stones is suicide!


Poul Volles Rooää Andersen 09.07.2014 21:57

Norhalis Piperdy 09.07.2014 21:55

They can't get out even if they want to! Tell them how and where to go! Palestine has to go through Israel if they want to go out! Egypt has already blocked its borders. Lebanon and Syria borders has been blocked by Israel illegal settlements. Just please tell em where to go :(((


I was talking about Israel Dude ?!

Get a grip here..

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