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4 dead, 16 injured as bus with miners fired upon in E. Ukraine

Published time: July 11, 2014 06:36
Edited time: July 11, 2014 09:04
DTEK Coal Enrichment Plant (Image from

DTEK Coal Enrichment Plant (Image from

At least four people have been killed and 16 injured after a bus carrying miners came under shelling in Lugansk Region, eastern Ukraine. The bombardment almost ripped the bus apart, according to local witnesses

“Four [people] have been killed and 16 injured, two of them are in intensive care as they were seriously injured,” Maksim Timchenko, director general of the Donbass Fuel-Energy Company (DTEK), said.

The bus was transporting the miners from DTEK to their workplace when it came under artillery fire at about 5:40pm local time (14:40 GMT). It is still unclear who carried out the attack.

The company has decided to stop the work of some of its facilities in the region due to avoid similar tragedies.

“We decided to stop the work on 4 mines in Lugansk Region where 4,500 people are employed until we are sure that people are safe [there],” Timchenko added.

Earlier the company’s press service reported of 15 injured, but didn’t state the number of dead.

‘As a result of the shell which hit the bus, more than 15 people have been injured. There are also killed [miners],” said an official statement from DTEK company.

DTEK is an energy holding company with HQ in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine. It is the largest private vertically integrated energy holding in the country.

Established in 2005, the company employs about 140,000 people. In February, 2013, DTEK controlled about 50 percent of Ukraine's coal production.

DTEK ones bring about 41.4 million tons of coal annually.

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Ramaz Jaliashvili 14.07.2014 22:38

every where you are entering in, always bringing destruction, blood, victims and refugees! every time rewriting and changing peoples' history versions in your preferable option. who are you? try to create friendship around you than collect enemies. one day all this staff will arrive back to you in boomerang principle, and it will be million times harder than you have done with this people.Putin will blow up Russia with its insatiability, I am sure.


Ramaz Jaliashvili 14.07.2014 22:20

you are creating enemies for your own and then are fighting with them, and lie with unprecedented cynicism and accuse them of being hostile against you. you can't live without it. you have provoked civil war in Ukraine and now are showing to the world what fascists are Ukrainians, which are trying to protect their country and stand against Russian hegemony. leave them alone, let them live without you, why do not want to admit that someone do not want to deal with Russia. and then you wonder why no one likes you? Remember chechnya,georgia,mol dova,azerbaijan, dagestan


Ramaz Jaliashvili 14.07.2014 21:40

you are the most ungrateful nation in the world. most bloodthirsty and deceitful, sassy barbarians who ever known in the history of the planet, your cynicism has no boundaries. how can you talk about the victims and refugees? what kind of cruelty you say about, you soulless creature? you forgot what you were doing in Tskhinvali in 2008, when your tanks wiped off the ground all Georgian villages and built in their place military bases?

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