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Israeli 'knock on the roof' bombing technique caught on film (VIDEO)

Published time: July 12, 2014 13:12
Edited time: July 14, 2014 17:14
A Palestinian man walks amidst the rubble of a house which police said was destroyed in an Israeli air strike in the northern Gaza Strip July 12, 2014. (Reuters/Mohammed Salem)

A Palestinian man walks amidst the rubble of a house which police said was destroyed in an Israeli air strike in the northern Gaza Strip July 12, 2014. (Reuters/Mohammed Salem)

The IDF practice of firing a missile at a civilian home to warn the occupants to leave the building before a larger attack, has been caught on film. Amnesty International has decried “roof knocking,” saying it in no way constitutes an “effective warning.”

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A YouTube video uploaded on Saturday shows how a Palestinian house is struck by a warning shot before being destroyed by a full missile attack.

Prior to the strike the occupants of the building reportedly received a call from the IDF, warning of an imminent attack.

On Sunday, the Israel Defense Forces released a recording of a phone call made to a Gaza resident. The call was made on Saturday, warning of an impending strike.

An IDF operator is heard starting the conversation with, “Hi, do you speak Hebrew? How are you? Is everything okay?” He then proceeds with information that the IDF needs "to target the building that is located close to you."

We are trying to make sure before we strike the target, that there are no civilians in the vicinity.

In five minutes we will strike the target,” he concludes.

Amnesty International has condemned the “knock on the roof” technique in an appeal to the UN to investigate possible violations committed by Hamas and the IDF during Operation Protective Shield.

UN must urgently investigate war crimes in Israeli-Gaza conflict – Amnesty Intl

“There is no way that firing a missile at a civilian home can constitute an effective ‘warning.’ Amnesty International has documented cases of civilians killed or injured by such missiles in previous Israeli military operations on the Gaza Strip,” said Philip Luther Director of the Middle East and North Africa Program at Amnesty International.

Watch the latest report from Gaza by Harry Fear:

Over a hundred Palestinians have been killed in the latest Israeli offensive on Gaza and Amnesty documents that at least 24 children and 16 women were among the casualties.

“Swift UN action is needed as lives hang in the balance,” said Luther. “The international community must not repeat previous mistakes, standing by and watching the devastating consequences for civilians of both sides.”

Amnesty has also urged for an embargo on all Israeli and Palestinian military groups in an effort to bring a halt to the conflict.

The Israeli government says that it does not target civilians in its strikes and claims that members of Hamas are using the Palestinian civilian population as a human shield.

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LibertyFreedom ForAll 19.07.2014 19:11

DC is totally owned and controlled by the Israel lobby and AIPAC. Your tax dollars and your kids and grandkids tax dollars are paying for this Genocide in Palestine. = Pay little to 000 federal income tax.= STARVE the BEAST. Vote at the county and state level . Forget federal elections = all bought off.
Thats how we win.


Adam 18.07.2014 16:18

BOYCOTT everything Israeli and anything that supports theyre evil cause!!


ammenRA 16.07.2014 04:03

Ivan 14.07.2014 00:30

Who uses their women and children as human shields?
Muslims do.
Who shoots their rockets not at military, but at civilians?
Muslims do.
Who straps bombs on their children and loved ones to commit suicide?
Muslims do.
Such vile acts.


Funny things is whatever the Zionists talks out of their arses, it always failed and show the world the true color of blood thirsty zionists.

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