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Afghan soldier casualty rate comparable to America’s losses in Vietnam War – US general

Published time: September 05, 2013 01:58
AFP Photo / Aref Karimi

AFP Photo / Aref Karimi

Approximately 50 to 100 Afghan soldiers are killed in battle per week, a top US general said Wednesday. That rate that is comparable to the number of American service members who lost their lives in the Vietnam War.

"The Afghan security forces are suffering more casualties, no question about it," Lieutenant General Mark Milley said via video link from Afghanistan, according to AFP.

NATO’s US-led forces assist Afghan army and police personnel to improve strategic maneuvers and avoid high casualties, said Milley, who serves as deputy commander of the US forces in Afghanistan. He added that casualties will decline as more helicopters, artillery, and mortars are introduced.

Nevertheless, the 350,000-member Afghan security force is taking "somewhere in the range of 50 to 100” deaths per week, Milley said.

"And that's not at all insignificant. That is significant. And we're paying attention to that," he added.

The highest casualty rate for American troops in the war occurred in 2010, when 500 US soldiers died.

Commander of NATO and US forces, General Joseph Dunford, told the Guardian on Tuesday that he was concerned about the high Afghan casualty rate.

"I'm not assuming that those casualties are sustainable," he said.

Milley praised the toughness and resilience of Afghan forces, saying he doesn’t believe that Taliban militants or their allies have the capability to overmatch security forces or the political power to take control of the country.

Around 57,000 US troops are currently deployed in Afghanistan. Most of the allied forces are due to withdraw in 2014, although there are tentative plans for a small contingent to remain afterward.

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Paul No 29.11.2013 03:04

Serving along side these afghan "soldiers" in 2011-2012 I've personally have seen the way they conduct themselves. They are children with weapons. They are reckless stupid and get themselves killed. The ones we lost all died from goin places we told them, in pashtu their language, not to go. Or when the runaway from any firefights while we stayed and fought their war. and something they won't tell you is all the US Casualties from afghan traders killing us. My brother died at the hands of a trader afghan soldier and another got shot 6 times and will never walk again. Have no sympathy for these people.


Harry Hayward 08.11.2013 08:34

[quote name='Victor Logan' time='05.09.2013 08:55']. Colvin is a dump that most people never heard of. Cheers.

[/q uote]

Lovel y chap.


Alex Semiletow 07.11.2013 17:42

You mean to tell me that we lost ... again???

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