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Americans see no sense in Afghan war

Published time: October 01, 2011 11:06
Edited time: October 01, 2011 15:06

US Army soldiers from 2-506 Infantry 101st Airborne Division and Afghan National Policemen and Army take cover from dust and debris from a UH-47 Chinook helicopter (AFP Photo / DAVID FURST)

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It is ten years since the US Air Force bombed Afghanistan as a prelude to American troops invading the country. A decade on, US citizens do not believe the intervention has brought any benefit, and is unlikely to have a happy ending.

­RT's Lori Harfenist found out on the streets of New York that Americans are unable to say what exactly their troops are doing in Afghanistan and what this decade-old war is all about.

“It is probably another Vietnam-type war where there is probably no winner,” one man told RT, and the more the war goes on, the more deaths there will be among American and other coalition soldiers.

“I don’t see a goal and I do not see anything changing even if we stay there another 100 years,” another man believes.

Using Special Forces to hunting down Al-Qaeda during the first year of the operation was a decent job, believes a third man, but “for the past nine years – I do not think we have accomplished much at all.”

“It is a hornets’ nest – there is no win over there,” a woman admitted.

Whatever happens in Afghanistan, America is not going to get much out of it, concludes yet another man.

It seems as if most people in the US do not feel that the war in Afghanistan has been worth it. Unfortunately, though, no-one in power seems to be listening.