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Mainstream media forgot climate change craze

Published time: March 24, 2012 07:56
Edited time: March 24, 2012 11:56

Buildings are seen near the ocean as reports indicate that Miami-Dade County in the future could be one of the most susceptible places when it comes to rising water levels due to global warming on March 14, 2012 in North Miami, Florida (AFP Photo / Joe Raedle)

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After years of persistent humming about the dangers of climate change, the mainstream media in America seems to have its mouth sewn on the issue. In the absence of a satisfactory explanation for this, the public now holds the government responsible.

The last winter has become the US fourth-warmest on record, while Europe experienced record-breaking cold. Yet discussion about global warming has somehow conveniently diminished worldwide.

Most scientists agree that global warming can be felt every day in cities around the world, and yet the issue does not seem to be hitting the headlines.

RT’s Lori “The Resident” Harfenist asked people in New York if the public and the media are doing enough to pressure their politicians to do something about it.

Opinions, but most agree that it must be government’s headache how to tackle the problems of plastic bags and carbon emissions.

“They don’t want to give us information to make our own decisions,” one man told RT.

People say the US media stopped constantly returning to the problem of the global warming “because they found something else to talk about.”

All in all, the public in general is still concerned about a climate change, but the mainstream media is clearly not among them – for a reason not commonly known.