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Kiev's bloody eastern Ukraine campaign LIVE UPDATES

Published time: April 15, 2014 14:19
Edited time: July 29, 2014 09:01
A convoy of military vehicles of the Ukrainian forces drives towards the eastern Ukrainian city of Lysychansk, in the region of Lugansk, on July 25, 2014. (AFP Photo / Genya Savilov)

A convoy of military vehicles of the Ukrainian forces drives towards the eastern Ukrainian city of Lysychansk, in the region of Lugansk, on July 25, 2014. (AFP Photo / Genya Savilov)

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has called a ceasefire within a 40km radius of where Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 crashed. Russia has urged all parties in eastern Ukraine to lay down their arms while inspectors investigate what caused the tragedy.

Thursday, July 31

03:22 GMT:

A total of 363 Ukrainian servicemen have been killed and 1,434 people injured since the start of the military operation in eastern Ukraine, spokesman for the National Security and Defence Council Andrei Lysenko said.

01:29 GMT:

Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) experts began a monitoring mission Wednesday along the Russian-Ukrainian border, visiting the border points of Gukovo and Donetsk. The monitors will be examining the situation at the border for at least three months.

Wednesday, July 30

22:18 GMT:

Spokeswoman of the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Lugansk, Oksana Chigrina who was blacklisted by EU told RIA Novosti that was not upset by this news.

"I'm not upset. This does not affect my life. It will not get worse. I'm not planning to go to Europe, and even more so to the US. I am a patriot of my homeland."

21:36 GMT:

The Ukrainian Parliament intends to consider amendments to the Tax Code in order to impose a temporary military fee of 1.5 percent of working citizens' salary, RIA Novosti reports. It is planned that the new tax rate will be valid until the end of the year to finance the armed forces.

18:34 GMT:

The G7 powers have called on all sides in the Ukrainian conflict to ensure an immediate and long-term ceasefire, the group said in a statement. The seven leading western economies said they “are still confident” that the conflict that claims an increasing number of casualties should have a political solution.

The G7 also urged Russia to ensure more efficient control of the Russian-Ukrainian border, including via the OSCE monitors, RIA Novosti reported.

14:47 GMT:

363 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and 1,430 more injured since the start of the punitive operation in the south-east of the country, according to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

14:33 GMT:

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko has formed a working group to ensure access for international experts to the MH17 crash site. The group will arrive in Minsk on Thursday to put forward Kiev’s claims.

We want the OSCE to carry out its monitoring [mission, for them to ensure] that the Ukrainian army is not carrying out any counterproductive actions at the crash site,” said Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman.

12:28 GMT:

Russia will address the UN and the OSCE with the suggestion to urgently form a humanitarian mission for the east of Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated.

12:09 GMT:

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has agreed to host talks on the Ukraine crisis in Minsk, the capital city of Belarus, following a request from his Ukrainian counterpart, Petro Poroshenko. Moscow welcomes Belarus’s move, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, but added that one meeting would not be enough to solve the problems.

11:50 GMT:

Five people have been killed and 23 wounded as a result of the Ukraine army’s artillery shelling of the city of Gorlovka in the Donetsk region, according to the Novorossia news agency. On Tuesday, 17 people, including 3 children, were killed in the eastern Ukrainian city as the violent confrontation between Kiev forces and the militia continues.

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Mario Mamani Quispe 31.07.2014 03:26

Mr Putin made wrong decisions, strategic mistakes that will cost his country much suffering, because his short term popularity is high now. Huge mistakes. The world will look back to his wrong choices and his use of fascist-like propaganda full of lies. Big mistakes.


Christian Lawrence 30.07.2014 23:46

Mr Putin, you gave the people of eastern Ukraine hope for freedom by stating that you will help them if Kiev uses the army against them so they believed you and they fought. Kiev has been using the army against them and killing the people of eastern Ukraine for months now and you have not kept your promise of protection. After such behaviour by you Mr Putin, all ethnic Russians around the world will know that Russian promises of protection are simply worthless. How can you sleep at night knowing that innocent people are being murdered because of you??!


SORINRO 30.07.2014 23:18

Is this war method different in 21

century used by alleged European country Ukraine .... or HYPOCRITE

UE&USA country use different balance of democracy and the human

rights.... I think YES ..Of course hypocrite UE&USA have double

standard when economic interests prevailing...Civil people if is

killing to Fascist Ukraine authorities doesn t matter ......SHALE GAS

to be extract in Donbass....History repeated again...again...same in

WW2...What DEMONS are inside souls of UE&USA Leaders and Oligarchs?

....Azazel maybe....SURE....

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