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Seeds of protest: Maidan activists plant vegetable patch in Kiev square

Published time: March 28, 2014 11:28

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Maidan activists are no longer burning tires and throwing Molotov cocktails. Now the former protesters, running out of food, are growing vegetables in the center of Kiev, right where they were recently protesting.

“We decided to plant different vegetables here in this garden: parsley, garlic, onions, different kinds of greens,” says Maria, an activist who planted vegetables on Independence Square. “The Maidan will continue for a while, so these vegetables will be helpful.”

According to another activist, Irina, their cucumber plantation can offer at least a limited supply of food for the protesters.

“I think it’s a nice project,” says Evgeny, another Maidan activist, “The garden stands for a new life, for the future. So I think it’s not a bad idea.”

However, the Maidan protesters are not stopping at only growing vegetables; they have far-reaching plans for Independence Square.

Still from RT video

“We are building a small church here; we are also planning to organize a dance floor. We’ve got plenty of plans,” says Maria, “We will come over and look after that because it is our history.”

However, the activists haven’t entirely abandoned the idea of protesting.

On Thursday, over 1,500 nationalists from the Right Sector encircled Ukrainian parliament in Kiev threatening to storm it. They demanded the resignation of the interior minister after prominent member Aleksandr Muzychko was killed in a police operation.

For more, watch the report by RT’s Marina Kosareva.

Still from RT video

Comments (6)


Brian Wilson 29.03.2014 13:02

Too bad with the US/IMF occupation of Ukraine, Monsanto will contaminate the treasured Ukraine black soil.


Marina Ikonnikova 29.03.2014 08:28

Ally Hauptmann-Gurski 29.03.2014 00:28

Yeah, build a church, that'll get the US donations flowing.


Problem is that they do not write exactly what kind of church they want to build there( I saw a lot of videos where some strange church priests were blessing Right Sector to fight with Berkut using weapon. It wasnt orthodox priests. Extremists in Ukrain arranged persecution for the orthodox church now.
And when we are touched by the vegetable garden in the center of Kiev we need to remember who is sitting there now - majority of them is very far from peacefull demonstrators.


zap ece 29.03.2014 08:01

Its obviously just a symbol of new growth and hope in Kiev after the decades of proxy Russian rule.

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