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US House votes in favor of Ukraine aid, Russia sanctions

Published time: April 01, 2014 23:14
Edited time: April 02, 2014 01:44
AFP Photo / Getty Images / Alex Wong

AFP Photo / Getty Images / Alex Wong

The US House of Representatives voted strongly in favor of sending aid to Ukraine, supporting a $1 billion loan guarantee for Kiev, and imposing sanctions against Russia for its actions over Crimea.

The aid package was already passed by the US Senate and now only needs to be approved by US President Barack Obama.

The initiative was passed with 378 votes in favor, and supporters of the bill are expecting Obama to sign it into law.

Last week, the vast majority in the US Senate and House of Representatives voted for two bills - to provide Kiev with $1 billion in loan guarantees and to impose sanctions against some leading Russian officials.

As part of the package, the Senate authorized $50 million to help with democracy in Ukraine, governance, and civil society assistance, as well as $100 million for enhanced security cooperation by Ukraine with other states in Central and Eastern Europe.

Besides the financial help, the bill will give official status to sanctions against Russia issued by President Obama.

The West has been putting pressure on Russia in the form of sanctions since the Crimean referendum which resulted in the region's accession to Russia.

On Tuesday, NATO announced that it is suspending all military and civilian cooperation with Russia over the Ukrainian crisis. The statement follows a series of meetings in Brussels that were called on Tuesday in response to what the bloc sees as Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and its annexation of Crimea.

The Republic of Crimea declared its independence from Ukraine following the March 16 referendum, in which 96.77 percent of voters chose to rejoin Russia.

Comments (96)


Stretop Overmind 05.04.2014 17:38

Adam 02.04.2014 15:53

They are giving a Billion dollrs of OUR money to racisit thugs, soon they will be enemies of the American can take that to the bank!


Well, they did not learn anything from situations with Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, so history is going to repeat itself for such fools. And there are so many, who will make so much profit on that... In corporate republic of U.S. those, who have money, are important. You are not. Get used to it, it is not going to change.


Scott Kuli 03.04.2014 01:02

Obama is a neo con as much as Bush ever was.

And John McCain is an outright paid liar. The Crimea isn't Russian because of "Russification& quot; done by Stalin. It's been Russian since the 1700s.

Also, Obama looks RIDICULOUS talking about Ukrainian "self determination" as if it had anything to do with Crimea.

Putin isn't preventing Ukrainian self determination. He just allowed Crimea to choose to join Russia.

It's patently obvious that the neo cons in the US think Russia would be less a threat to their interests without that base. Too bad neo cons. You can't have it all. Someone should have told hyou that.


Emmett 02.04.2014 22:25

Holly Parks 02.04.2014 16:31

No American citizen is for this cr@p it's treason on the population of Detroit and the rest of America. American cities are in decline and the foreign aid flows like water, while the people have to pay forever because of this reckless spending.


It 's a shame that many Americans are in dire shape and can't get help. Yet our politicians dole out money like Santa Claus to other nations. Maybe they hope to provide us Americans with more jobs when they need bodies to fight their corporate wars.

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