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At least 45 killed, 120 wounded in string of Iraq bombings

Published time: December 08, 2013 19:43
Edited time: December 25, 2013 11:23
Iraqi security forces inspect the site of car bomb attack in Baghdad's Sadr city December 8, 2013. (Reuters / Wissm al-Okili)

Iraqi security forces inspect the site of car bomb attack in Baghdad's Sadr city December 8, 2013. (Reuters / Wissm al-Okili)

Several bombings in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Sunday have left 45 people dead and over 120 wounded in crowded markets, commercial districts and car repair shops.

Follow RT’s timeline of Iraq violence in 2013.

In the deadliest attack, a bomb in a parked vehicle in the Shiite Muslim suburb of Bayaa in Baghdad was detonated near car workshops killing seven people and wounding 14, according to police sources.

In a separate incident a car bomb exploded in a busy square in central Baghdad killing at least five people and wounding 15.

In Radhwaniya, a predominately Sunni area of Baghdad, a roadside bomb killed two people and wounded eight.

Other Shiite districts of the city saw more attacks, including Amel, Ghadir, Sadr City and Hussainiya.

While in Baquba, 65 km east of Baghdad another car bomb blew up inside a crowded market killing two and wounding seven.

A man looks at a damaged vehicle after a car bomb attack at Bayaa district in Baghdad December 8, 2013. (Reuters / Ahmed Malik)

Another four people were killed when a car bomb went off near a line of shops in the Shiite village of Sabaa al-Bour, 30 kilometers north of Baghdad.

No group has immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks but Sunni Muslim insurgents with links to Al Qaeda have carried out the majority of the bombings in Shia areas.

The last wave of large scale bombings was on November 21, and since then there has been a steady stream of smaller attacks.

At least 127 people have died in violence so far this month in Iraq according to the Associated Press.

Dirk Adriansens, an Iraq activist and author, told RT that Iraqis were better off when they were under some of the harshest sanctions ever imposed on a nation than they are now.

“I was there six months after the bombings [the first Gulf War] in 1991, there was electricity, there was the telephone, and there was a fair distribution of rations, so people didn’t die of hunger. But there were basic services, it’s not like the situation now after ten years of occupation there are no basic services,” he said.

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Michael Pawlikowski 09.12.2013 04:31

900 Iraq casualties in November? Judge by the fruits. American bomb for democracy policy is pure evil and ruins everything it touches. But it's not just the USA, look at how most of the world admires that bomb throwing, necklace embracing Mandella family Communist revolutionaries.

Apologies to the Iraq people. Our brainwashed and entertainment addicted American nation is very sick.


Proud Atheist 09.12.2013 03:12

This is what the war criminals brought. No surprise; they wiped out nations before.


Konrad3 08.12.2013 20:03

What's up with all of these attacks? What's the message?

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