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Ukraine mayor detained for ‘attacking’ Right Sector thugs who raided city council meeting

Published time: March 15, 2014 04:14
Screenshot from youtube video by user poltavavideo

Screenshot from youtube video by user poltavavideo

A major of a central Ukrainian city has been taken to the police station after a being assaulted by the Right Sector thugs who interrupted the city council meeting, demanding his resignation.

The incident happened when Poltava’s mayor Alexander Mamaj refused to hold a meeting when members of the Right Sector joined the session. Mamaj asked them to leave the room, but they refused. Then he tried to leave the session himself but was not allowed to leave through the main exit. Footage shows the mayor being verbally and physically assaulted by the gang.

He then tried to leave through the second exit, but was again assaulted by the angry crowd inside the meeting room. He eventually made it into the hall.

The mayor then returned surrounded by a number of security guards, at which point a massive brawl erupted. Right Sector’s crew had by that time secured all the exits demanding Mamaj resign.

After the police involvement, the mayor was taken to the station, after one of his attackers filed a police reports claiming that Mamaj hit him in the groin. A woman and the mayor’s security guard were injured in the incident, local media reports.

There were a number of attempts by gunmen to raid and seize local government buildings in Ukraine and on the Crimean Peninsula. A number of assaults on political leaders have also been registered.

In one of the most outstanding incidents, presidential candidate Oleg Lyashko abducted a local pro-Russian MP in the Lugansk Oblast, with the man being handcuffed and abused.

Another hardcore nationalist currently making waves in Ukraine is Aleksandr Muzychko, who went on a rampage against the authorities in Rivno Oblast, lashing out at a local prosecutor and threatening the regional parliament with an AK-47.

Earlier this month, Lugansk office of the Party of Regions issued a statement, demanding an end to psychological terror and political persecution of its members by the new authorities.

According to the Party of Regions, “armed thugs freely ride around the towns and villages, intimidating the population. The sense of impunity and support from some MPs prompts the creators of the ‘new order’ to urge the people in the southeast regions of Ukraine to humbly surrender to the winners.”

Last week, Russia’s Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case against Muzychko for torturing and murdering Russian soldiers as he fought alongside extremists in Chechnya.

For inciting terrorism and participation in hostilities against Russian soldiers in Chechnya, Russia’s Investigative Committee has placed another Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh on an international wanted list.

Russia firmly believes that the Right Sector elements dominate the decision making process in Kiev.

“The new government’s officials asked this Right Sector to approve their choice of ministers and now the Right Sector is dissatisfied. Its leaders say the reloading of the government system in Ukraine has not been completed. They are demand each of the ministers go to the Maidan protesters and report on how well they implement the demands of the protest leaders,” Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

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Xenia Lynn Teresa Williams 15.03.2014 19:06

This is a war against Orthodox Christianity. People need to see the patterns since 1054, up to now. The same countries, the same target: Orthodox Lands, the same incomprehensible arguments and actions.

Pl ease don't mis - understand the obvious.


Xenia Lynn Teresa Williams 15.03.2014 18:57

Where is the NAACP, SNC and other groups that have fought against neo nazis and kkk's here in United States! Why the silence, brothers?


Tim Thexton 15.03.2014 17:14

Welcome to Germany 1932!
I can only support Russia in clearing up and hope the EU listen to the 80% of German voters who in a poll this week clearly stated no, absolutely no, support for military action or sanctions against Russia and no support to Ukraine.
They really don't have the stomach to see the rise of fascism in a close neighbor.
Americ a and EU stay away. Russia do whatever is necessary.

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