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Suicide bombing in Baghdad, attacks across Iraq kill 32

Published time: August 23, 2013 20:04
Edited time: December 24, 2013 16:51
Iraqi men inspect the site of a car bomb attack on August 6, 2013 in Baghdad's Karrada commercial district (AFP Photo)

Iraqi men inspect the site of a car bomb attack on August 6, 2013 in Baghdad's Karrada commercial district (AFP Photo)

A suicide bomber attacked a busy cafe in northern Baghdad, police and medical sources reported. The blast was the biggest attack in a day of violence that killed 32 across the country.

The bomber has killed at least 26 people, and wounded 55 in a cafe in northern Baghdad. Children were among the casualties, Reuters cited sources as saying.

The attack took place in al-Qahira, a northern district of the capital. The bomber reportedly detonated an explosive vest near a family park. The attack is one of the worst blasts in Iraq in weeks.

Al-Qahira district has been targeted in the past. Just two months ago, suicide bombers attacked a Shi'ite mosque, killing 29 worshippers.

So far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Other bombs were set near Sunni mosques in two neighborhoods in Baghdad, killing three people and wounding 18, AP reported.

Meanwhile, local police said that gunmen broke into the house of a Shiite merchant in the northern town of Dujail, killing him, his wife and elderly mother.

Similar attacks have killed over 3,600 people in Iraq since the beginning of 2013, AFP reported.

Sectarian tensions have escalated in Iraq since US troops withdrew from the country 18 months ago.

Iraq is experiencing the worst wave of violence in five years, as Shi'ite, Sunni and ethnic Kurdish factions continue to divide the country.

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fran7 24.08.2013 10:55

This is so sad and shows clearly the failure and death and destruction caused by USA foreign interventionism in the middle east.


PJ 24.08.2013 08:54

They erased me from the face of the earth! Well, perhaps Starbucks complained. Probably Iraqis don't rate as important as cafe latte.


Usman Zuba 24.08.2013 00:17

and obviously also this message: only people living in europe and America are Real Humans, the rest are slaves or scum and they can be eliminated if required.
maybe the mission is: there is crisis and we have to eliminate the "scum" to safe the rest of humans.

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