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Mad drifting by Ukrainian armored vehicle as anti-govt squads wave Russian flags (VIDEO)

Published time: April 16, 2014 12:49
Edited time: April 16, 2014 16:56
Still from RT video

Still from RT video

Stunt driving in a potential war-zone. Soldiers who defected from the Ukrainian army with a convoy of armored transports saw the heavy booty put through its paces, after it was seized by local militias.

The column had handed itself over in nearby Kramatorsk where a crowd of locals chanted,“The army is with the people!”

Flying a Russian flag the column transferred to Slavyansk, sparking reports of a potential ‘russian invasion’ across a nervous MSM.

Meanwhile East Ukrainians are digging in, barricading their towns and cities amid fears of a large scale military attack by Kiev forces, including the Right Sector “national guard” units.

A week ago Kiev vowed to quell unrest within 48 hours.

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dimitri 17.04.2014 01:24

And what does corporate America and their bosses in Israel think now. Hey, just bomb a few innocent Palestinians now you are on high and you may recover from your latest fiasco. Or perhaps use Phosphorous bombs for fun. Yes I am talking about the bosses of America. Hey while you are at it why don't you try a few cluster bombs so you can eliminate the new generation of Palestinian freedom fighters


dimitri 17.04.2014 01:17

Col Wal 16.04.2014 13:17

Same goes for Russia doesn't it? Both the East and West should keep out as it is an internal matter...!!!


Russia did not get involved. No Rusian troops in Ukraine. No cakes being distributed to Nazis. No 5 billion spent to support thugs. Just coolness in knowing you are right.!!!!


dimitri 17.04.2014 01:13

Have you followed the events in Ukraine? Noted one very startling thing? The so called west was full of threats and bravado and the Russians stayed cool and collected. The way things are going it would hopefully be over pretty soon. Russians showed the west that there are another way to deal with problems and that is
dialogue. Not with Nazis but the west in general.
Support ing the fascist government in Ukraine, USA and EU shower their true colours. Cool Lavrov and Putin are the winners here. They showed true leadership and all the world was watching. Well done Russia

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