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Tea, sandwiches, music, photos with self-defense forces mark peaceful Sunday in Simferopol

Published time: March 02, 2014 14:53
Image from Instagram/RT

Image from Instagram/RT

Contrary to expectations, security in Crimea has actually become more stable. As the far right calls for violence in social networks continue, Crimean locals give out sandwiches and tea, sing songs and pose for photos with self-defense forces.

While Ukraine is plunging deeper in turmoil, the tea and sandwich 'brigades' gather outside the local Rada headquarters in Simferopol.

Armed conflict seems to be the last thing on these locals' minds, as self-defense forces provide a welcome if not unexpected change.

Simferopol residents pose a photograph with soldiers. (RIA Novosti/Andrey Stenin)

The question of what's more dangerous in close combat - high heels or a machine gun - remains open.

Simferopol resident poses for a photograph with a soldier. (RIA Novosti/Andrey Stenin)

The self-defense forces have taken on the role of celebrities as Simferopol braces for possible clashes with the far-right.

A resident of Simferopol poses for a photograph with soldiers. (RIA Novosti/Andrey Stenin)

Youths walk the city with anti-war banners, keeping Simferopol's mixed identity alive.

Residents of Simferopol pose for a photograph with soldiers. (RIA Novosti/Andrey Stenin)

An elderly woman hangs a Russian flag in the window. Those have been increasingly popping up across town.

And Lenin...?

The old Soviet leader is fine, if the locals have anything to say about it!

Comments (177)


Vasyl Hotsko 24.07.2014 12:52

So keep Crimea!!! And I would love to see you behind “Iron Curtain” again. But this time drawn and literally constructed east of Ukrainian border.
SO JUST LEAVE US ALONE and live happily in your ROSEYA!!!!


Vasyl Hotsko 24.07.2014 12:51

I have no doubt, these people are happy in Russia. Especially after Soviet/Putin’s propaganda imbedded in their brains after years of pounding into it. I cannot prove to zombies, that there is no Fascist in West Ukraine. I do not want to argue about if Crimea is Russian or Ukrainian. And of course this is all American doing. We are the bad guys. You people, who do not understand Russian, should really have those videos translated. These people are” back in USSR”. And they hate us.


Franz Kafka 23.07.2014 17:30

"We have won the Cold War. The US must ensure that it's global hegemony is never challenged again." Robert Kagan and 50 other US Zionist signatories to the Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

Kag an is the husband of Victoria Nuland.

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