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Ukraine’s self-proclaimed government is illegitimate – Tallinn mayor

Published time: March 04, 2014 00:19
Edgar Savisaar.(AFP Photo / Raigo Pajula)

Edgar Savisaar.(AFP Photo / Raigo Pajula)

The self-declared Kiev authorities cannot solve any political problems and “lack both credentials and power” in the crisis-torn country, said the mayor of the Estonian capital of Tallinn.

“The self-proclaimed Ukrainian government was put into power by people with baseball bats,” Edgar Savisaar told Postimees newspaper. “It lacks both credentials and the capacity to solve the crisis in the country.”

According to him, the situation in Ukraine will begin stabilizing only after it “has a legitimate, democratically elected government at the helm.”

Only after elementary public order is restored in Kiev and western Ukraine, we can start discussing the issue of providing the country with foreign aid, be it from the EU, US, Asia or from all sources simultaneously,” Savisaar said.

According to the mayor, the current government which is under the influence of radicals lacks the power to even hold free elections in the country – let alone solve other significant questions which are put in front of the nation's self-declared officials.

"Until the next elections [on May 25] only an integral government which consists of representatives of all Ukraine’s regions may claim any legitimacy,” said Savisaar.

The Tallinn mayor believes even the presence of defense and law enforcement agencies cannot provide stability in the country, because the nation also needs strong democracy and an integrated society.

Following a wave of violent street protests, the opposition-controlled parliament ousted President Yanukovich and appointed a new government. Ten southeastern Ukrainian regions saw massive protests against the developments in the capital. Several of them, including Crimea, announced that they would not take orders from the new government and replaced the appointed governors with elected representatives.

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Mari Suurhans 04.03.2014 22:25

Kristjan Luik 04.03.2014 12:37

May i say, that this politician is always been Russian favorite and money for his political campaigns are coming from Russia. (public secret). Most of Estonians don't like him and the way, how he is supporting Russians more than Estonians. He is elected only because there is more Russians than Estonians in Estonian capital Tallinn.


This is so true. Edgar Savisaar is pro-Russian and disgrace to Estonia.


John Parulis 04.03.2014 16:55

Too bad Lithuania can't see the light like Savisaar.....


Souza 04.03.2014 16:46

The West has used media outlets to biassed the opinions of the people. For instance, Brazilian journalist Clovis Rossi of 'folha de s. paulo' - an assumed lackey of the Council on Foreign Relations - has just written the most foolish piece of all saying Russia behaviour is "a last act of failing empire". Must be a joke. The Russia Empire was ended 150 years ago but his beloved empire - the US - is indeed falling apart: the wretched stupidity of their leaders has driven the US to desperation!

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