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Western-backed PM pushes with 'Russian tanks in Ukraine' fear-mongering, MSM looks away

Published time: March 07, 2014 02:40
Edited time: March 07, 2014 04:30

Arseniy Yatsenyuk speaks during a press conference on March 6,2014 at the EU Headquarters in Brussels. (AFP Photo / Georges Gobet)

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Ukraine's coup-imposed Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk is telling the world that Russian tanks are on the ground in his country. Meanwhile, mainstream media is turning a blind eye to this blatant falsehood.

Western-backed Yatsenyuk had his minutes of fame as he addressed journalists like a Hollywood movie star in Brussels on Thursday after meeting with his European counterparts who acknowledge him as a legitimate representative of Ukraine.

Feeling powerful while standing on stage answering questions amid EU flags, the leader went as far as fiction when he said, “Having Russian boots on the ground and Russian tanks is unacceptable in the 21st century. And who knows the limits, tell me?”

Speaking about foreign investment, he stated: “It would be very difficult to persuade foreign investors to invest in the country which has Russian tanks and Russian soldiers on its streets.”

Surprisingly enough, the fear-mongering reference to tanks – which should have been deemed sensational and made the headlines around the world - was widely ignored or censored by Western media.

The strongest quote and accusation towards Russia was left either unreported or edited, with the word "tanks" replaced by “troops” or “military.”

For instance, BBC tweeted while covering the event: “Russian troops on ground in #Ukraine 'unacceptable in 21st Century' & 'military aggression' - interim PM Yatsenyuk,” choosing to ignore the “tanks” comment.

CNN tweeted: “Ukrainian interim PM to Russia: Pull back military, stop supporting 'illegitimate so-called government of Crimea.’”

Even a search on the web will yield little results which include his full comment, with mostly only a few British links popping up.

Yatsenyuk’s latest warmongering talk came after EU ministers met in Brussels to discuss the situation in Ukraine as the Crimean parliament voted for the region to join Russia. The decision will only come into force if it is approved by the Crimeans at a referendum which will be held on March 16. At the very same meeting, Yatsenyuk called that decision “illegitimate.”

This was not the first time Yatsenyuk trumped up aggression and made fictional references to Russian tanks. On Wednesday, he said that Russian troops and tanks disrupted the holiday season in Crimea, NBN News reported.

Why then, when the "legitimate representative" of Ukraine repeatedly makes such strong claims in front of EU-NATO officials and respected media outlets, does the message get skipped? Maybe because there are no Russian tanks in Ukraine?

Or who knows – maybe Mr. Yatsenyuk knows much more than the rest of the world, because today he even stated that Iran already has a nuclear weapons which it would never give up, alongside North Korea, if Ukraine's territorial integrity fails.

“This conflict would have a negative implication on the nuclear non-proliferation program. As for example, it would be quite difficult to convince Iran or North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapon,” Yatsenyuk claimed.

Political analyst Eric Draitser told RT that Western media outlets have been editing the word “tanks” out of their coverage to cover up the leader’s ignorance.

“The claim that Yatsenyuk is making is very important for the narrative that he is trying to spin and for the narrative of the Western propaganda machine. It is entirely possible they are covering up his own stupidity, his own ignorance,” Draitser said.

Another reason for their actions could be trying to bolster their own story. “The narrative has already been established: the Russians have invaded...they are occupying the east and the south of Ukraine. Now what they are trying to do is come up with some kind of substantiating facts in order to make it seem that this narrative is based on facts. But it is not; it is based on hearsay. It is based on rumors, falsified images, or images that are distorted or only partially true. How do you give a government that is constituted of Neo-liberal puppets and right-wing Nazis any kid of legitimacy,” Draitser added.

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Bruce D 30.03.2014 03:13

Only time will tell. If Russian tanks or troops, with or without insignia, turn up on Ukraine soil, then Yatsenyuk will be right. If Russian forces do not invade, then Yatsenyuk will be wrong. Iy depends upon what the Russians decide to do.


jim lewis 13.03.2014 20:41

Well for one thing SSD7, members of Congress usually have self-made or family money honestly earned BEFORE they enter office. Putin didn't, he has been illegally using his office to create wealth for himself, while the majority of Russians are poor.

He has almost as much money as Bill Gates! Putin a politician has amassed a fortune of 75 billion US dollars, while suupoosedly in the service of the Russian people. Disgraceful!


jim lewis 13.03.2014 20:33

SSD7, like RT you are just wrong. Members of Congress don't get paid half of what you say! What you are saying about their stock market holdings is also untrue.

Now explain to us again how the Crimean invasion is about financial gain for the EU/West? At least you admit there is an invasion! Wow, you live in a fantasy world.

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