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​George Selgin, Kyle Harrington on deflation & the US economy

February 11, 2014 05:30

AFP Photo / George Frey

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Erin Ade reports how, even in the internet age, NBC thinks it can re-broadcast the Sochi Winter Olympics opening ceremony 10 hours late, with commercial breaks, and not expect a backlash. But there has been one. Then, underneath the rosy picture is a US economy lacking in wage growth and job creation. Financial markets pundit Kyle Harrington joins us to discuss. Later, monetary and banking economist George Selgin discusses price and debt deflation. Wrapping up our deflation them, in today's Big Deal, Erin and Edward Harrison discuss recent events surrounding bitcoin - from a clampdown in Russia to a serious payments problem at Mt. Gox, one of the best-known exchanges. These events have seen the crypto-currency fall precipitously in value.

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Comments (3)


Derek Maher 24.02.2014 20:34

I have serious doubts about the US economic recovery.
It would appear that many of the jobs created are similar to the EU situation. Part time and low paid.
For mortgage holder,s and people with student loans this has become a nightmare of perpetual debt and penny pinching. Not exactly an enviroment conducive to economic expansion.


DoAsk DoTell 12.02.2014 11:10

I am for gay people's rights as others, however, I have a problem with gays' claim to owning ALL the colors of humanity for themselves. Apparently, their motto is Greed is Good also?

Moder n money/dollar is based on wasting cheap oil and all natural resources...
so apparently, their schemes/tricks of abstract EXtraction from workers (stocks, bonds, derivatives, central banks, investor class... worldwide rentiers/middlemen) now and into the future is in trouble.


marcus 11.02.2014 08:12

I believe NBC not coverning the opening of the olympics may of been deliberate. By preventing Americans seeing just how great the opening ceremonies were. The best in Olympic history. Most of Europe and America snubed the Olympics because Russia prohibited Gays from propagandizing minor children.

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