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​Most persecuted minority on Earth, offshore fracking, why is Russia in Ukraine?

March 04, 2014 04:30

Malaysian Muslim activists carry flags and banners during a peaceful protest against the persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, outside the Myanmar embassy in Kuala Lumpur on February 14, 2014. (AFP Photo / Mohd Rasfan)

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Abby Martin on the underreported injustice of the persecution of the Rohingya people in Myanmar (Burma), citing the wave of violence that has displaced 140,000 people and the government’s denial of the crisis. RT’s Ramon Galindo talks about a recent legal petition by environmental groups in California calling for the Federal government to force an end to the practice of offshore fracking, and the dumping of hundreds of millions of gallons of fracking waste in the ocean every year. Finally, Jeffery Sommers, professor of political economy at the University of Wisconsin, discusses Russia’s intervention in Ukraine from a historical perspective and argues what the likely outcome of the crisis will be.

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Comments (42)


Eye Spy 09.03.2014 07:36

Evo Immorales 05.03.2014 03:36

Evo Immorales 05.03.2014 03:36


Absolutely correct. So get rid of her when ehr contract ends. However, if she does not fix her faux pas quickly maybe RT readers can form a coalition to force her out,!


Eye Spy 09.03.2014 07:29

Im gonna do a little slow research here and i hope I dont have to advise RT to get rid of you as some people are saying. By rights you should be removed because it appears that your craven attempt to signal to the LMSM you are up for one of their contracts means you think 'we is stoopid'. But maybe, just maybe you have a higher calling


Eye Spy 09.03.2014 07:29

Margarita Simonyan I hope you are reading the comments here and realize that all free thinking and justice seeking peoples rely on RT as an antidote to the main stream media. I cannot wait to see Abby Martin go read up Ukraine on the internet and come back and apologize to those of us who hoped against hope that she is not a sophisticated Zionist implant. Martin your knickers are falling down, pick em up before you get branded a presstiute.

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