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NYPD grabs breast then charges victim, Greg Palast on Koch & impunity for sex crimes

February 12, 2014 04:30

Spencer Platt / Getty Images / AFP

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Abby Martin calls attention to a report by AP exposing the scope of impunity given to numerous US servicemen involved in cases of sex crimes on Army bases in Japan. Investigative journalist Greg Palast talks about a document left behind at a Koch Brothers political fundraiser that reveals the dark money behind many right-wing legislative campaigns in the US. New York Fashion Week and the conditions endured by foreign garment workers in the industry - we cite the tragic 2013 factory collapse in Bangladesh. The trial of Occupy Wall Street activist Cecily McMillan, facing up to seven years in prison following a beating by NYPD officers that left her unconscious - we speak with volunteers from the #Justice4Cecily campaign, Lucy Parks and Yoni Miller, about the farther-reaching implications of the trial. Finally, a call to action to join the fight to end NSA mass surveillance. To learn more please visit

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Comments (5)


qualla3stfiqui 13.02.2014 18:39

want to know why? look to tahrir square


Hen Tooth 13.02.2014 01:42

George Soros doesn't give a rat's butt about workers or the poor or Occupy. His role in all of this is precisely NOT to show up at the fight vs the Kochs. Soros' crimes are equal to those of the Kochs. This left vs right schtick amounts to a frat spat between super richies that we should abhor.

On the NYPD beating- It's very telling that overwhelmingly, Occupiers were treated very brutally in cities run by the Dems. How can anyone continue supporting them after this? Go independent. Both parties suck!


Silver Garcia 12.02.2014 18:37

Greg Palast acts and looks like a right wing guy but is just another lefty.

Desp ite the billions the Koch brothers have, it is a fraction of the Ford Foundation and the Gates Foundation devoted to big left wing governments. Abby Martin would have made a good Nazi-ess

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