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2013 highlights and lowlights, rusted root breaks the stage & Carl Sagan’s pale blue dot

December 21, 2013 04:30

Lee Camp

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On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin highlights a few of the most uplifting and encouraging news stories of 2013, from organ printing to Snowden’s heroism. Abby then features a few of her favorite interviews from the second season of the show. Abby is then joined by Lee Camp, comedian and host of the Moment of Clarity web series, discussing a few of the most outrageous news stories of the year, including the “affluenza” case, Chevron suing oil victims and charging glitter bombers with starting a terrorism hoax. Abby then features the world premiere of Rusted Roots’ new song “Smarty Pants” and interviews lead singer Mike Glabicki and music producer Jason Samuel about the anti-fracking movement and the corporate takeover of America. BTS wraps up the show with a recent discovery of five Jupiter-sized planets that contain water within our Milky Way and outlines the Drake Equation by astrophysicist Carl Sagan.

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Comments (7)


Míchael Tew 04.01.2014 13:49

Enough with Snowjob aready. Manning is a hero, Snowden is an Op.


Bodhi 03.01.2014 18:08

Regarding Louis Lalonde

I am the son of a loving mother who had a loving same-sex partner. The only thing that is different is that it's different. Every family is different, none perfect.

Wh at do you find criminal? Loving the person you're happy with? People are just trying to be happy! Do you want me to tell you who you can marry? Of course not!! Then don't tell anyone else.

And this is not an "intellectual&q uot; position, it's a do what you want issue. No one is getting hurt, especially children who are wanted.

Fin ally, not all solutions to issues come from logic: You must be empathetic first.


Louis Lalonde 02.01.2014 12:58

Same sex marriage and adoptions are an absurdity. It ignores human biology completely. A child is the result of a male and female having intercourse. Same sex couple adoptions are not only an absurdity but outright criminal from the point of view of the child itself who is forced into a homosexual context. I know maintaining a pro-homosexual narrative is the student/pseudo-intel lectual thing to do Abby but still, try journalism, instead of personal red-in-the-face rants. Opinions must come out of logic, not fashion and the quest to look cool with cool stands on popular subjects...

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