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Nulandistan update

May 16, 2014 11:30

Victoria Nuland.(AFP Photo / Saul Loeb)

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A political disaster planned and funded by Washington is entering a new and even Orwellian stage. What is Victoria Nuland's impact on the Ukrainian crisis? Is there a peaceful resolution of the crisis? And what is on Nuland's mind?

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jamessimpson 29.05.2014 02:18

America, is the new Nazi Germany, following it's principles and it's ideology faithfully, well done what a horrible country to be a part of and live in. But don't they resemble each other to a T. I wondered how the average German, could murder men women children and babies, just like the Americans, now I see it is a lack of education and total media propaganda, by the right wing media outlets. Americans, you should be ashamed to say your American., but your too stupid to deny it, so how stupid are you people? The Atom bomb was dropped on the wrong country. It should have been self used


jamessimpson 29.05.2014 01:30

Norma Brown 20.05.2014 21:31

The ex-CIA analyst is wrong. Nuland also worked closely with Strobe Talbott, no neo-con, and I am sure she is tight with Hillary Clinton. Nuland is an ambitious woman with brains, but I'm so surprised to find she has little conscience to go with them.


th is woman and Ashton, are the worst kind of people in the world, pariahs, in a pariah nation


jamessimpson 29.05.2014 01:28

Kevin Barrett 24.05.2014 06:29

First, declare AIPAC. A foreign agent and then place all Israeli citizens on a FBI " watch list" . Deny them access to banking, media and politicians. Send the home to Israel and give Palestinian refugees their wealth and homes. Ban all US Israeli lobby groups and watch peace, unity, friendship and happiness break out globally.


Yes, and you have it exactly right

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