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​Mandela's legacies

December 11, 2013 11:30

AFP Photo/Odd Andersen

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Is Mandela more complex then Western media shows? Is South Africa a better place because of him? Why do Americans iconize Mandela even though he was a critic of Washington? And what is missing from the media discourse? CrossTalking with Rajan Menon, Jeremy Keenan and Ilana Mercer.

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Owen Andrews 14.12.2013 23:26

Ilana Mercer was the only SA/Mandela expert in that group & yet every time she started to speak the host would butt in! She was actually a SA citizen during Apartheid & after Mandela/ANC & had much more knowledge to add than either the rude host or the other 2 leftist shills! The Host was very rude and dismissing of Ilana and should be reprimanded for such behavior!


t.hollingsworth 12.12.2013 21:09

Wasn't that a Hammer and Cycle that one saw often draped behind Mandela on the speaker's podium. Weren't his handlers, for the most part, communist jews like Joe Slovo? Didn't these folks kill a lot of white people and "necklace" their own black dissedents? What's so "complex" about Nelson Mandela? He was a communist, pure and simple, wasn't he?


john robert roworth 12.12.2013 19:49

Our freedom means nothing, until the Palestinians are free.

Nelso n Mandella.

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