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​After Crimea

March 23, 2014 14:58

AFP Photo / Viktor Drachev

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How has the world changed with the advent of the most recent Ukraine crisis? How realistic is Russia's isolation by the West? And are we experiencing a new geopolitical paradigm shift? CrossTalking with Martin McCauley, Mark Sleboda and Christoph Hoerstel.

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KM 27.03.2014 22:19

May be another cold war, albeit smaller & different. Instead of Capitalist/Communist poles, WORLD may experience multi-polar Capitalist powers, dramatically increasing the odds for devastating wars.
Russia-China alliance are more complementary than competitive- one an energy & military hardware & the other high volume mfg & large population. Over time India, possibly Iran may be integrated - if so, it will be an alliance to reckon with. Add other Bric nations, most of non-aligned & some LATIN America nations.
West DID NOT benefit by challenging Russian nationalism -there was absolutely no need!


KM 27.03.2014 21:55

Excellent program. All guests were knowledgeable, objective & realists. NO ONE IS A WINNER IN THIS CONFLICT, as the process will be another reference for further modifications of world geography!
West made a big mistake to support such coup de tat and to push to the borders of Russia. Russia had no choice but to react and that will jeopardize commercial interaction in Europe challenging Euro-zone stability.


Peter 26.03.2014 07:33

My strong support to Crimean people and Russia. I hope Russia will help Italy and europe to get rid of american nightmare. Russia won't be isolated!!!

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