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Eternal war

May 31, 2013 10:39

Damaged mosque is seen in Arjoun village near Qusair town, where forces of Syrian President Assad and rebel forces have been fighting. (Reuters)

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Is the neocolonialism project in the Middle East coming to an end? Is the region being formed by sectarian traditions? Is it wise for the West to remain so committed to the region's future? CrossTalking with Phyllis Bennis and Ziad Abdelnour.

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George Tally 20.06.2013 05:26

To Mark Holland - I, virtually, agree.

Perh aps, better still, if one recalls the cold war period with the formerly robust USSR, we were, sometimes, at our best behavior.

B ecause, then, small powers had two to choose from. Instead of just the one.

My hope for US is that we quickly realize this & resume the quest for hearts and minds, vs giving the smaller ones the high hat. We will *all* be better off.

And for Russia, that she be true to the world, as Putin is for Russia, and well join this competition.

I think whoever first addresses this, comes out on top. It only plays as top priority, not mixed with intriqs

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 11:11

Great show. People need to listen to Phyliss and the other guest. Best show on RT by far.

Anonymous user 01.06.2013 16:19

When liberals let it go, the most bitter and negative nonsense spews out of them. Very nasty people.

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