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Internet captured

October 16, 2013 10:30

AFP Photo / Philippe Huguen

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All the major Internet organizations have pledged to free themselves from the influence of the US government. What does this mean and how could it be done? How have the recent NSA scandals impacted the Internet? And can we expect more or less control of the Internet? CrossTalking with Ray McGovern, Jim Killock and Bonnie Bracey Sutton.

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Rod Lloyd 16.10.2013 15:47

Really... Now they see their customers are leaving in disgust these companies realise they are not quite so powerful as they thought... just shows when money is moving in the wrong direction how quickly they can turn their loyalties..
Ditch these companies.. they have sold us out once they will do it again. they are not to be trusted, as with the governments and its corrupt agencies..

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