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Third world America

July 22, 2013 07:00

AFP Photo / Stan Honda

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Is American patriotism exaggerated? What is the real state of welfare in the US? Can the country afford its democracy promotion effort? And, is it possible that America is becoming a third world country? CrossTalking with George Szamuely and Charles Blair.

Comments (38)

Anonymous user 29.07.2013 15:19

America has become the very thing it has fought against.


WorkTogether 28.07.2013 14:27

Yes America... you are facing the worst crisis you've ever faced! You have the fight of your very life on your hands, for your very existence! Get rid of the Gov & the Ones ruling it. Bring out your voices en masse until you are free of the ones bleeding your country to death. There is bad weather coming, get these fiends out before this is upon you too...


WorkTogether 28.07.2013 14:01

Foreigner Zionists dream on! You will never succeed to turn the US to 3rd World entity! The US, is way past an established country! Her people's way of life is as inherent to them, as breathing, as are their intrinsic love of independence. Zionists can destroy her economy, but not the rock solid way of life ordinary hard working Americans own by their very nature. America's economy can be shattered, but the reality is her people's intellectual expertise & enterprise are inalienable & indestructible. American wrath, slow in coming, will come & be terrible to behold when they turn on these foreign blood suckers!

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