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Arrest Blair!

April 08, 2013 14:47

British former PM Tony Blair (AFP Photo)

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More than a fifth of Britons believe former PM Tony Blair should be tried as a war criminal. How far-fetched is this idea? What are the legal impediments? And should politicians of all ranks be held accountable for their actions? CrossTalking with Stephen Schlesinger and Ivan Eland.

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Jihad Zeaiter 12.09.2013 12:30

According to steve, in a democracy war criminal can loose election, rejected by his own party nominated as UN representative for peace negotiation in the Middle East.


james 31.08.2013 22:17

Blair haesnt any authority to speak about syria or any other country for that matter,there has to be reparations for such incompetance and insanity,non of his actions have been in the uk publics interests,poisoned mutalated troops and body bags,dead civilians and children and what has it all achived.he is evil.criminaly insane or both.a public embarrasment for sure,another poitician who will do anything for fears the rath of the usa

Anonymous user 06.05.2013 11:09

Get Tonys kids to drive through Iraq over "IED" improvised explosive device,justice done!

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