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​Crimea votes! (featuring George Galloway)

March 16, 2014 16:11

An elderly voter marks a ballot paper before casting it in a mobile ballot box during voting in a referendum at the village of Pionerskoye in Simferopol March 16, 2014.(Reuters / Vasily Fedosenko )

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What is the significance of this vote? How will it affect South-Eastern Ukraine? How will China and the West react? And, what can we expect next? CrossTalking with George Galloway, Michael Hughes and Dmitry Babich.

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Tony Rossini 20.03.2014 06:54

t.hollingswort h 18.03.2014 18:25

Yes, but he is not a "Nazi," is he? This is what makes no sense to me. U.S. State Dept. jews installed him illegally as PM, but it's the ultra-nationalists who now run the Ukraine. Someone please explain this apparent disconnect.


lol, study the collaboration between German Zionists (Jews) and the Nazi Party during 1933 right up to start of WW2.....then you would not be surprised between the tie up between US Zionists & Neo-Con with the likes of Ukranian's Svoboda party and the Right Sector Party.


Tony Rossini 20.03.2014 06:46

The same could be said the two-way trade between Russia and some of these EU nations....particula rly the likes of Latvia, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, hurts these countries first and foremost and not th U.S.
It's time EU grew a spinal cord and developed it's own International foreign policies disconnected from the US


Tony Rossini 20.03.2014 06:45

The problem with Europe in general, is that EU has become a political lap-dog to U.S hegemony.
When US proposes these type trade sanctions, it invariably hurts the European economies far more than the U.S. For instance some of Iran'sbiggest natural trading partners would have been the likes of France, Germany & Italy.
Ask the CEO of car manufacturer Peugeot if having trade sanction with one of their priniciple partners Iran (Peugeot have a plant in Iran) has benefitted them? Last I lookd Peugeot had to cut another 8000 jobs.
Traditiona lly Germany exported billions worth of Industrial & Plant machinery to Iran.

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