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Human rights switch

September 08, 2013 06:30

Kenneth Roth (AFP Photo / John Thys)

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Chemical weapons have horrified mankind since their first widespread use almost a century ago. The world has come to recognise their use as a flagrant violation of international law. As the US once again beats the drums of war towards Syria, we ask how justified such an intervention is, given the conflicting evidence and the widespread opposition to it. Will a strike help stop the war, or will it drag the whole region into a more brutal and protracted conflict? To wrestle over these issues, Oksana is joined by Kenneth Roth, the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch.


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Salman El Halaby 26.03.2014 12:04

Bravo Oksana,This man is complicit in the criminal intent based on false premises,He repeatedly asserts with great urge that Assad is the evil,that says it all-The facts are now out Rebels used the gas,their fake footage is allover the internet and the complicit media acts as accessory to the crooked misadventure.Satelli te data shows Gaddafi DID NOT kill 6000 by any air/land strike,the Oxymoron "Nofly Zone" was used to cheat the world -it turned into a 20,000 bombing sorties.


Greg Durbauree 11.09.2013 10:50

Oksana you show is very good and very interesting ,You are very good with all your question well putted .Kenneth Roth did not like some of your question ,when you told him he his sided the American . How could a Zionist be a the director of Human right.


justnfree 10.09.2013 12:05

What a disgusting puppet, Why do need war criminals when we such people watching for human rights.
Where was he when Khan Al-Assal happened? Where was he when cannibals and rapists where unleashed on Syrian people? Where was he when Fallujah massacre happened? Where was he when Halabcha happened?

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