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​Ice sage

August 04, 2013 09:30

Olafur Grimsson (Reuters / Ingolfur Juliusson)

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As Iceland’s banking system went into meltdown at the start of the global financial crisis, it came under enormous pressure from the rest of Europe to accept crippling austerity measures that would have burdened its people for generations to come. And yet the tiny island nation stood up to the European Goliath, defiantly opting for democracy even as it stood on the brink of bankruptcy. What can Iceland teach the world about the power of the people and the rule of law? To discuss these issues, Oksana is joined by the President of Iceland, Olafur Grimsson.


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Comments (9)


irish bankslave 04.01.2014 19:46

This guy is a patriot and the opposite of our politicians who sold us into debt slavery.


Carl 04.01.2014 01:48

Bravissima Oksana!!! You are fantastic!!!!! It is so refreshing to see a professional like you at work. I haven't seen real journalisim since pre Prez Reagan, before the industry got privatized and turned into junkOtainment.

Thank you RT!!!


Carl 04.01.2014 01:39

This is another excellent interview Oksana!!! The open and candid discussion you had with Dr Olafur Grimsson is a wonderful opportunity and treasure. Dr Grimsson is an enlightened and dignified man and I have tremendous respect and admiration for him. It was a refreshing and hopeful break from the reality of what it is like here in New York and the US. As an American I can greatly appreciate his wisdom, integrity, honesty, well grounded character and loyalty to the people of Iceland he serves. His parents must be very proud of him.

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