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'My husband kills kids with drones': Michelle Obama's viral pic fuels anti-drone campaign

Published time: May 14, 2014 23:38
Edited time: May 16, 2014 11:12

When US First Lady Michelle Obama appeared in a picture supporting the 276 schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria, she was praised for taking a stand against Boko Haram. But others quickly subverted her message and turned it into an anti-drone campaign.

Michelle Obama appeared in the viral image last week, holding up a sign that said "#Bring Back Our Girls." The hashtag quickly spread online, hitting home with an online audience that had read about the tragic kidnapping of the schoolgirls by a radical Islamist group.

Her contribution to the ongoing conversation did not go unnoticed by critics of President Obama. Twitter users either photoshopped the image or held their own sign, posting pictures that raised various concerns on topics ranging from American conservatism, sports, and drones.

The Britain-based non-profit Bureau of Investigative Journalism announced earlier this year that, in the five years that Obama has been in office, at least 2,400 people across the Middle East have been killed by drones. Even critics admit that many of those may have been militants, although the strikes have unleashed unimaginable devastation on civilians and their families - particularly in Pakistan, where drones have greatly contributed to anti-American sentiment.

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Ben Young 05.06.2014 19:03

First Lady acting like a typical hypocrite and spineless politician just like what she's used to seeing all around. Time for a new system. The people for the people. Can't be done overnight but it IS in fact possible in time.


Dave Corban 22.05.2014 06:54

ABDELKADER 16.05.2014 12:05

Only 2,400 enemies of the West have been eradicated by drones over five years. If the U.S. and its allies have any guts, they should properly carpet bomb the regions that harbour jihadists...


So me should shove a drone up your date you stupid cretin...people like you are the problem in the World!


Nina 18.05.2014 09:37

[quote name='Jasmine NZ' time='17.05.2014 .... Madeleine Albright confirmed she thought the death of 500,000 children due to sanctions against Iraq was "A PRICE WORTH PAYING".
Th is f... b.... who sold her own child and bombed people that saved her and her family's life during WWII could not care about anybody let alone about Iraqi children. I bet she was proud of the this.


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