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State Dept Sideshow: Jen Psaki’s most embarrassing fails, most entertaining grillings (VIDEO)

Published time: June 01, 2014 04:24
Edited time: June 02, 2014 05:51
US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki (AFP Photo/Nicholas Kamm)

US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki (AFP Photo/Nicholas Kamm)

The US State Department’s Jen Psaki seems to be reporters’ favorite spokesperson to laugh at. RT has looked through Psaki’s recent briefings and collected her most awkward statements and grillings from journos.

Oh, that’s how it works! Jen Psaki explains where Russia gets its natural gas from. Turns out from the EU. (Actually, it’s quite the contrary).

"Carousel voting." Carousel voting? Jen Psaki talks methodology of Ukraine’s referendums...but does not seem to understand what that means. "Not familiar with that term"… but she condemns it anyway.

“I think we are ready for the next question.” Jen Psaki’s universal answer goes well with any question.

But before you continue with your question... "I think we are ready to move on."

"I’m not sure which – or what you’re referring to." Jen Psaki beats off AP journalist’s question pointing out US problems with press freedom.

President Obama does not give himself enough credit, according to Jen Psaki. At least, she would give him more.

It was Russian fishermen who taught Victoria Nuland to curse… in English. Right.

Video: /files/news/27/b3/00/00/1675531_part1_480p.mp4

Oh, she "was making a joke."

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Татьяна Татьяна 14.08.2014 02:50



Ion 10.08.2014 21:28

She is stupid that's what she is.


George Bowling 05.08.2014 10:16

Got's to be Nettys soul mate!!! A match made in Bellview!!! A woman bathed in a dimension of dymensia! Mankinds answer to it's demise!! Part of the new superteam, "Idiot & Co." You've got displaced persons, then you've got persons with displaced minds! A chicken that was not counted before it hatched!! There are human males and females of the species, then you have, things like her!! Four score and seven years ago, out Forefathers feared her birth!! One flew into the coocoos nest! Blessed be those who cannot think, for they will trip over smoke!!!!

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