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Anonymous philanthropist gives out money in ‘biggest scavenger hunt in LA history’

Published time: May 31, 2014 23:18
Photo from Twitter/@HiddenCash

Photo from Twitter/@HiddenCash

An anonymous wealthy man launched the “biggest hunt in LA history” on Saturday when he organized a scavenger hunt by hiding money and posting clues on Twitter. The game has sparked a frenzy in California, beginning over a week ago in San Francisco.

The donor, who has not revealed his identity, made several drops in LA on Wednesday and Friday, but promised an “epic, gigantic scavenger hunt” on Saturday.

Hundreds of people dashed to the seashore in Hermosa Beach, LA County, looking for 36 Angry Birds containers filled with cash.

The lucky ones have been posting their discoveries on Twitter.

Twitter user @HiddenCash started the game in San Francisco on May 23, making drops of money over the week ranging from about $20 to over $200 in various locations such as under chairs, inside phone boxes, in parks, on trash cans, and even in restrooms.

The benefactor wrote that the game is “an anonymous social experiment for good.” Since he created the account, he has already gained over 399,000 followers as of Saturday.

The unknown donor wrote on Twitter that the idea of the treasure hunt came to him spontaneously last Thursday while dining with a friend. The man said he thought it would be a fun way to give back to the community.

"I've made millions of dollars the last few years, more than I ever imagined, and yet many friends of mine, and people who work for me, cannot afford to buy a modest home in the Bay Area," the philanthropist wrote in response to a question asked by San Francisco online news site The Bold Italic.

The covert philanthropist has been criticized by those who believe the money could be better spent.

In response, he wrote: "Because people asked, just want to say that @Hiddencash is NOT instead of charity. We support many charities too. This is for fun."

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michael 02.06.2014 17:32

philanthropist???? No, rather a cynical, bored idiot. and lazy, too, because he mean, that he have done enough for the people by giving them money instead of lift his a..s and go out and work in any social organization.


Neter 02.06.2014 13:19

Pat Richards 02.06.2014 09:21

It would be nice if it was just a game this way it seems that someone is just making fun of poor people.


Precisely what I wanted to say.


Diez Sanchez 02.06.2014 12:33

I thought this was one them philanthropy handouts schemes where a rich guy says he is giving away money but it goes to a local group like the majority anglo republican tea party ...but I was wrong! This guy truly gave away his money local! Thank you nice rich guy, its nice when ya not only give money local but it includes the whole diverse profile of what is California, & it stay local KUDOS to you! Good karma thoughts, being telipathicly sent!( even if done with humor, this will help them) Very very cool!

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