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Nebraska storm: Here's what happens when baseball-sized hail strikes (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Published time: June 04, 2014 07:33
Edited time: June 05, 2014 15:20
Photo from Twitter/@Jcow

Photo from Twitter/@Jcow

Baseball-sized hail has pounded homes and cars across Nebraska, as powerful thunderstorms swept the Midwest, wreaking extensive damage, severe flooding and even reportedly tornado touchdowns in some areas.

Hailstones the size of baseballs pummeled the state with devastating effect Tuesday, producing a social media storm flooded with images of the aftermath of the freak hail, showing cracked windshields and houses riddled with holes.

The US National Weather Service received reports of flooding and registered winds of up to 85 mph in neighboring Iowa. In addition, there were reported of eight unconfirmed tornado touchdowns in Nebraska, Reuters reported.

The bout of stormy weather has been brought on by a derecho storm system – a short-lived, large cluster of storms – which is expected to move East on Wednesday morning.

"These storms can knock down trees, cause power outages and travel mayhem for the Wednesday morning commute," Reuters reported Alex Sosnowski, a senior meteorologist at, as saying.

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William Balas 06.06.2014 21:24

yes they do need to research Geoengineering and HAARP is yes big one you need to research its in ues rite now.


SourceKnown! 06.06.2014 09:57

We are seeing a period of change that this planet has seen many times before, the climate on this world constantly changes as the equator / orbit of the earth tilts so that it can keep equilibrium with the rest of the Millkyway.

We already know this, we simply choose to ignore the fact. Africa did not always have the climate it does now, nor did the Middle East or Europe for that matter!

Why is it so difficult to grasp that the planets core is charging and the climate is changing in the run up to one of these events!

Be of no mistake, what we are seeing globally is just the beginning, we all of us need to prepare!


Muhammad Abbass 06.06.2014 01:05

Don McCoy 04.06.2014 18:17

Is it a Gaia Attack!? Mother Earth "bombing" us because we're warming her too much?

Oh wait...I actually believe it might be frozen Chemtrails falling on us...from "Geo-Engineerin g!"

Er ...could be the falling, frozen tears of sky-whales...mournin g their dead from US Navy sonar tests!

Is it the result of evaporated Fracking water!? Freezing in the sky and raining back down on us for cracking the crust!?


It's large hail stones Don. They happen. Google it.

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