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Texas shooting: Man kills 4 of his children, 2 adults in suburban town

Published time: July 10, 2014 03:26
Edited time: July 10, 2014 11:26
Reuters / Mohamed Al-Sayaghi

Reuters / Mohamed Al-Sayaghi

A father went on a shooting rampage near Houston, Texas, killing 6 people - four of them were his own children. He also critically wounded his 15 year-old daughter before surrendering to police officials.

According toABC News, the gunman shot seven people in the Houston suburb of Spring, Texas. Six people were reportedly killed, including four children, though Harris County police originally reported that five children had died.

The incident began Wednesday afternoon, when an alleged domestic dispute escalated into a violent episode that left three children and two adults dead at the scene by the time police arrived. A child and mother both survived the initial attack and were airlifted to a local hospital. The child has since passed away, while the mother is still battling for her life.

As reported by local news outlet KTRK, the mother was reportedly able to call police despite being shot, and informed them that the gunman was a family member. She also said the suspect would be on his way to shoot another family member who worked at a local restaurant.

Officers were able to track down the suspect as the neighborhood was evacuated, resulting in a slow-speed car chase that ended in a cul-de-sac with the man surrounded by numerous police vehicles. The suspect’s car, a grey Honda sedan, was sandwiched between two law enforcement trucks to ensure he couldn't escape.

After being cornered by police for three hours, the suspect surrendered, according to the Associated Press. Prior to this, he had reportedly locked himself in his car and held a gun to his head as police attempted to negotiate.

One neighbor, Wesley Carr, said the area is usually rather quiet, and not the kind of place where a situation like this would occur.

"I've lived here 20 years. It's a very quiet neighborhood. It's not a through area," he told the Houston Chronicle. "People just don't come here."

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Lapontius 10.07.2014 14:41

I love the mentality US cops use: Always try to apprehend a mass shooter or a terrorist alive, but when a black guy with a plastic knife steps towards a cop, empty out all of your clips at him


10.07.2014 14:06

What are the odds this guy was on psychaitric meds?

Answe r: Very high!


conservative one 10.07.2014 12:45

Templar Knight 10.07.2014 06:48

Justification for the use of military style armoured vehicles by US police forces?


Yeah. Kind of silly. They could have done the same with slightly modified dump trucks.

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