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Job up in smoke! Cannabis lover loses work after being first to buy legal pot

Published time: July 10, 2014 14:41
Mike Boyer (Image from @patrickerickson)

Mike Boyer (Image from @patrickerickson)

Mike Boyer from Washington State had been waiting for hours before the first marijuana legal shop opened in his town. But after purchase, the pot enthusiast received a demand from his employer to undergo a drug test, he told local media.

Legal marijuana sales begin in Washington, second state to allow pot without prescription

Mike Boyer’s adventure started on Monday evening when the ‘pot hunter’ headed to the Green Leaf in the town of Spokane, one of 25 retail cannabis shops which received licenses to sell weed this week.

He camped overnight, waiting with eager anticipation for the shop to open.

“I brought my surplus army sleeping bag and bedroll. I brought my Doritos and Mountain Dew. I was stylin’!” Boyer says.

The 30-year-old cannabis lover finally bought his cherished stash of Sour Kush for $50 dollars, and the happy purchase was broadcast by TV stations and photographed by newspapers

Boyer said that when he headed home to enjoy the fun, he received a message from his employer that he should do a drug test. He told The New York Daily News that he did the test and it came back positive for THC, the mind-altering ingredient in marijuana. After the test, Boyer told the local newspapers that he lost his position at Kodiak Security Services.

“I’ve worked for them on and off for 12 years and several years ago, I signed a document that said I wouldn’t have [THC] in my system,” he told NY Daily news, “I don’t smoke at work!”

The company demanded Boyer undergo a drug test which is carried out according to company policy. They further denied that they had sacked Boyer.

“We’re a security firm,” said Kym Ramey, human resources manager for Kodiak. “Our employees can’t be under the influence on the job.”

According to the Washington Liquor Control Board, dealing with the implementation of cannabis rules, employers are allowed to continue testing their workers according to internal company policy.

Boyer’s mood was still high as he seized his moment in history – he was the first cannabis buyer in his town of Spokane.

“I’m still the captain! I’m still number one!” he told the Vocativ news website. “I mean, a man can always get a job. But a man can only be the first person to buy recreational cannabis in Spokane once.”

Boyer published his resume on the internet bulletin board Craigslist on Wednesday, titling the post “LOST MY JOB! still #1 tho!!”

“I lost my job due to the news coverage of me being the FIRST PERSON TO BUY MARIJUANA LEGALLY IN SPOKANE!” Boyer wrote. “I regret nothing. But now im [sic] jobless and have decided to post my resume here. Thanks for reviewing it.”

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Mr Vision 15.07.2014 22:22

The no drugs policy is mainly so you can't be bribed, but what about using social media in your free time or other hobby's.
The whole policy basically means that you can't do anything in your time off and need to lock yourself up with only vegetables for diner is it.

Long live hypocrisy.


David Kim 15.07.2014 16:37

If everyone in "government&quo t; and police were all sod-faced high on pot, all the time, wouldn't we all be so much happier? I think almost all can easily see that. All crooked paths lead to the Monarchy/Knights/Vat ican Jesuits Pope and their large brain hominid owners/masters, Homo Capensis. Ed Obannon "perspective summary PDF" asks two mandatory sentences for clique members and their minions: 1) deportation far from their home country. 2) solitary confinement, no parole. No punishment, only outward acknowledgement and hopefully understanding. Just practical matters by the sheer magnitude of worldwide human predation.


silverwolf 15.07.2014 15:12

Hughe G Lee Hung 11.07.2014 05:20

I am guessing you don't realise the other end of the stick because of mystical classifications i.e. Alcohol is a drug, as it happens it is the most used drug and legal in most countries. Furthermore, if all employers ran tests on their staff a very large number will have alcohol traces in their blood stream every day of the week!!!


Alcohol & nicotine both more harmful than cannabis, but one of them is not legal in most countries while the other two are....sick world we live in....plant VS be the judge...

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