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Colorado school shooting thwarted by tip-off – police chief

Published time: December 21, 2013 10:48
Edited time: December 22, 2013 03:16
Columbine High School (AFP Photo)

Columbine High School (AFP Photo)

Just days after a student opened fire at a suburban Denver high school, police in southern Colorado said they thwarted a school attack plot by two teenagers, one of whom “idolized” the shooters in the Columbine High School and Colorado theater massacres.

Extra security was put in place at three Trinidad schools Thursday following a tip-off that two boys, ages 15 and 16, plotted to carry out an attack at Trinidad High School, police chief Charles Glorioso told reporters Friday.

Due to the early warning, security was beefed up at three Trinidad schools Thursday, the last day of classes before the holiday break.

The police chief in the town of just under 10,000 people said investigators discovered the 15-year-old had been bullied by classmates and “idolized” the Columbine High School and Colorado theater shooters, AP reported.

The students were arrested Friday on suspicion of making “a credible threat against an educational facility school and inciting destruction of life or property.”

Glorioso, who said the teenagers planned the attack for around a month and a half, refused to release information on the plot or how they intended to carry it out. However, the police chief said a search of the boys’ homes failed to discover any weapons, but ‘‘they had talked about what they could do to get them.’’

Glorioso commended the department’s resource officer for taking action on the tip.

“His thorough investigation uncovered the threats and put a halt to any plan made by these students,” he said.

Police have recommended the teenagers be charged with inciting destruction of life or property, a felony, and interference with school, a misdemeanor. However, prosecutors will decide whether to file charges.

Frank Ruybalid, district attorney for Las Animas and Huerfano counties, said that he was not permitted to discuss the details of the case because it involves juveniles but that he supported the police response to the situation.

“Any evidence regarding a threat to students at our schools is going to be taken very seriously,” he said.

On December 13, a student opened fire at Arapahoe High School near Denver, critically wounding 17-year-old Claire Davis before killing himself. Despite the best efforts of the medics, Davis died on Saturday at a hospital with her family at her side.

Comments (6)


Franklin R Burn 24.12.2013 12:40

... in a nutshell the cops VIOLATED the rights of two citizens and the MEDIA is letting them get away with it - The boys "made threats" it is a fact that this is not a crime . there is no law against this form of free speech ....the cop should be hung for his crimes-


Pete Meatus 21.12.2013 21:23

Ya know how is it kids "idolize" the Columbine incident ? Really, think about for a minuet. It happened in 1999 , or 14 years ago. Even a Sr. in high school was only 3 at the time.
Please tell me how kids are following this incident.

Oh silly me, I FORGOT!!! The lame stream media and politicians keep sticking it in the kids faces.

So does constantly promoting a violent act make the politicians and media guilty too?


John Newton 21.12.2013 18:57

Of course all they can really say is that the kids were bullied and that no weapons were found, so what is this? Another idiotic student making a joke or a Teacher with a grudge against them; why do you think school shootings happen, because those insensitive idiots that are called students do very stupid moves then the kids they bully go off the hook and end up pulling the trigger on everyone; you want to stop school shootings then stop bullying, you have to at least try that, then we will see at least a 20% decrease in school shootings.

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