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George W. Bush hospitalized for heart operation

Published time: August 06, 2013 14:17
George W. Bush (AFP Photo / Saul Loeb)

George W. Bush (AFP Photo / Saul Loeb)

Former US President George W Bush has undergone heart surgery after doctors discovered a blockage in one of his arteries during an annual physical health check.

"The procedure was performed successfully this morning, without complication, at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital" in Dallas, Bush spokesperson Freddy Ford said in a statement made Tuesday morning.

Bush emerged from surgery “in high spirits” after the procedure was completed, Ford told the Associated Press.

According to Ford, the forty-third president of the United States underwent a stent procedure in which a supportive mesh tube was inserted into a heart vessel to improve blood flow after a blockage was discovered during a check-up at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas on Monday.

"At the recommendation of his doctors, President Bush agreed to have a stent placed to open the blockage," Ford said.

Bush, 67, is reportedly looking forward to returning home, and will likely be discharged on Wednesday, and will "resume his normal schedule on Thursday," Ford said.

He is grateful to the skilled medical professionals who have cared for him. He thanks his family, friends, and fellow citizens for their prayers and well wishes,” Ford told reporters. “And he encourages us all to get our regular check-ups."

Bush served two terms as president of the US from 2001 through 2009, during which his second-in-command, Vice President Dick Cheney, underwent a number of similar procedures. Doctors did a coronary artery stenting on Cheney’s heart just two months before the first Bush administration began.

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Mike Martin 26.04.2014 19:08

Im sure many Iraqis are depressed to hear the surgery was successful.I feel theyre pain.


Mike Martin 26.04.2014 19:07

John Paterson 19.10.2013 07:42

Bush and Cheney are being targeted by micro-wave weapon technology, expect to see more of these parasites go down, in the not too distant future.


One could only hope.Yeah whatever happened to Obama going after them for war crimes or investigating those rats like he promised he would ? Its simple actually he lied to rally the nation and garner public support and votes then got paid off like every other crooked politician in this sorry excuse for a nation that used to be something to be proud of.


frank hermes 26.04.2014 12:45

hope this devil dies.

sry but he killed thousands of people.

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