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Man locked up in jail for one month despite having video evidence of innocence

Published time: November 04, 2013 21:23
Reuters / Valentin Flauraud

Reuters / Valentin Flauraud

A Pennsylvania security guard spent a month in jail for a crime he didn’t commit after local police ignored evidence proving he was innocent.

The charges have now been dropped, but only after the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office reviewed the case. DeAndre Brown, 26, was arrested for allegedly robbing a local bakery while armed, and faced between five to 10 years in prison.

However, Brown, a security guard at the Homewood branch of the Carnegie Library, told police at the time of his arrest that he couldn’t have possibly committed the crime. He said he was attending a training session in Oakland, PA when the robbery occurred.

In addition to simply claiming he had an alibi, Brown also said he could provide security video footage of him arriving and leaving the training session, a sign-in sheet with his name on it, and a witness to verify his claim.

When Brown’s attorney, Patrick Nightingale, tried to submit this evidence to the case’s investigating officer at a preliminary hearing, the officer refused to listen. He would not take the witness’ name or phone number, either.

"I'm extremely disappointed the police officer investigating this matter completely ignored the alibi witness," Nightingale said to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

According to Nightingale, the only evidence connecting Brown to the crime was incorrect eyewitness identification by the bakery’s clerk. The clerk, however, told local WXPI Channel 11 News that he said Brown “might or might not be the one.”

Brown was jailed on September 16 and released to electronic monitoring on October 17. As Nightingale sees the situation, police only wasted time that could’ve been used to track down the real criminal.

"So now we know today the person who committed this armed robbery is still out there running around, and the city police blew six weeks on this," Mr. Nightingale said. "It's unfortunate my client had to sit in jail for weeks knowing he is an innocent man, but today justice has prevailed."

As for Brown, his mother Yvonne thinks the most important thing is that he could finally go home.

“I'm just glad this thing is over,” she said.

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Ch Ry 06.11.2013 17:40

I look a the comments on here about it happens to everyone.. it does.. but its only affected everyone since the bush administration (post 9/11) it has been affecting blacks for decades before but what racists dont realize is that epidemics are colorblind.. all that time they were demonizing black people and now law enforcement is starting to harass them.. if they wouldnt have been such a.s.s.h.o.l.e.s and said something when it was happening in the black community it wouldnt have come to what it is now.. but make no mistake whatever they are doing to everyone else it means blacks are getting double..


Ephraiyim ben Yisrael 05.11.2013 23:34

The ONLY possible conclusion, not mine, but many rights groups including the UN, have stated that African Americans and Hispanics are being obviously targeted for minor things like simple possession of drugs by the system.
Meantime many the criminals who are actually perpetrating real crimes (read politicians and banksters as well as government slugs) continue to get away with murder, child molestation and sex slavery, theft of enormous sums from all of us. Oh and Spying on us as well!
For NSA:
A Terrorists' riddle: If FARC targeted BART and AQAP hit AMTRAK-where the f'd be I?


Ephraiyim ben Yisrael 05.11.2013 23:01

Ean x 05.11.2013 11:00

Happens to innocent black citizens in America on a regular basis.

Do n't play the race card, it happens to everyone - black, white, espanic or asian.


Look man, Mr. Cason is correct. Look at the FBI studies and the Bureau of Prison stats. They admit that the arrest and prison populations are overwhelmingly people of color.
The percentages of Black people who use drugs for instance is nor higher than whites yet the arrest and conviction rates are much higher than the overall population of their demographic would suggest would be seen.

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