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Obama may give in to GOP and drop pathway-to-citizenship plan for immigrants

Published time: January 31, 2014 19:16
US President Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Jim Watson)

US President Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Jim Watson)

United States President Barack Obama suggested he might be willing to compromise with Republicans and support an immigration bill that does not include a special pathway to citizenship if it meant passing an overhaul of the current system.

The president didn’t outright say such a bill would garner his support, but the comments represent a shift in tone compared to the past, when Democrats demanded that any immigration reform bill include a pathway for illegal immigrants to eventually become citizens of the United States.

Obama’s comments, offered in an interview with CNN, were made public a day after House Republicans announced their own principles concerning immigration reform. Their vision would mandate a larger focus on boosting border security and law enforcement, reform the immigration system to keep high-skilled workers and more.

Although Republicans stated their opposition to a “special path to citizenship,” they did announce their support for granting legal status for immigrants already in the US unlawfully. Obama said that if immigrants could then apply for citizenship through the normal process, the two sides could potentially reach an agreement.

“If the speaker [of the House, John Boehner] proposes something that says right away, 'Folks aren’t being deported, families aren’t being separated, we’re able to attract top young students to provide the skills or start businesses here and then there’s a regular process of citizenship,' I’m not sure how wide the divide ends up being,” Obama told CNN, according to the New York Times.

“What I’m encouraged by is the fact that Mr. Boehner and others seem to recognize our country will be stronger if we are able to resolve this issue in a way where, you know, kids, for example, who have grown up here and for all practical purposes are Americans but don’t have the right papers are not being punished.”

As the Times noted, when the president was asked specifically if the pathway to citizenship could be abandoned in order to pass a bill, Obama did not reject the proposal.

“The question is, is there more that we can do in this legislation that gets both Democratic and Republican support, but solves these broader problems, including strengthening borders and making sure that we have a legal immigration system that works better than it currently does,” he said.

Immigration reform has been a top priority for Obama since his first term, though efforts to successfully pass legislation have faltered multiple times. The controversial issue was sidelined after Republicans won control of the House of Representatives in 2010, as conservatives criticized his proposal to offer citizenship to illegal immigrants as “amnesty,” and ran against his plan in the 2012 election.

Following Obama’s reelection, the president’s position on the issue was boosted briefly by the passage of a comprehensive deal in the Senate – a bill which included a pathway to citizenship that involved immigrants paying back taxes and meeting other requirements. However, Speaker of the House John Boehner has refused to put the Senate bill up for a vote, saying House Republicans would unveil a plan of their own.

"I have been clear that I oppose the massive, flawed immigration reform bill passed by the Democratic-controlled Senate,” Boehner said on Thursday following the release of the GOP principles. “I’ve been clear that the House will not take it up or engage in negotiations with the Senate on it… We will address this issue in a step-by-step, common sense fashion that starts with securing our nation’s borders and enforcing our nation’s laws."

Asked what the president’s latest comments meant for the process going forward, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney emphasized Friday that “this is the beginning of a process in the House, not the end, and what [Obama] is saying is he isn't going to prejudge that process.”

“We have seen significant and important progress,” Carney added. “First in the Senate, with the bipartisan bill that embodies the principles the president laid out. And now in the House, where it’s fair to say that the operating position a year or so ago was self-deportation.

“Now there is movement, and that’s a good thing. But were still early in this process, and we are mindful of the fact that the House needs to take action, and we look forward to a debate being engaged in the country about why its so important to have comprehensive immigration reform.”

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Diez Sanchez 02.02.2014 19:41

Fact is, the USA needs its cages for illegals economy! Just so long as the cages are for the half of the problem,(no lawyer peasants) not the ones that hire illegals! Be cheaper if tax payers mine the ones that have money especially after exploiting illegals, but d usa tax payer is a cheap call girl! A whistle & a little money & gives it up!d Tax treasury that is! Aaagh (She's a freak, , the kind you dont take home to mother!, YEP, rick James fishes!


Santa 02.02.2014 03:42

Revolution is coming. These so called leaders are all on the same team and the team leader is named Zion I fought in Iraq I was 19 went over there to uphold Freedom what a buch of BS that was I can't sleep at night i still see the people I killed up close not far away like a GD drone.... Israel put us over there and the false BS WMD now they want to hit Syrian & Iran there fing nuts why are we all over the world 17 trillion in debt but sure spend so more I will only pick up a gun to defend my country and the poloticitans are the ones who need to go and the lobbiest too hang them all I uphold the only The Law of Man.


itsme1248 01.02.2014 07:04

Of course OP. He is not a democrat. He is a repuppetcan. He ALWAYS gives into the GOP even when he does not have to. Look at his record. Obama is a scam!

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