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Ron Paul: US shouldn’t meddle in Ukraine

Published time: March 05, 2014 19:39
Edited time: March 06, 2014 13:07

US Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) (Reuters / Joe Skipper)

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Former presidential hopeful and long-time lawmaker Ron Paul told RT that he doesn’t think the United States should get involved any further in the escalating situation in Ukraine.

Paul, a staunch non-interventionist who last year retired from Congress after more than a quarter-century, said during an exclusive interview with RT on Wednesday that there’s “no sense” in having America entangled in the overseas standoff.

“I don’t think we have any business there,” Paul told RT from his office in Texas this week.

Tensions in the European country have worsened in recent weeks, particularly after President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted in February amid fiery anti-government protests in the capital city of Kiev. Violence quickly spread to other regions of the country, particularly in Crimea where local authorities have refused to recognize the new Ukrainian government and have established self-defense militias.

“I think it would be nice if we considered the Ukrainians. It’s their civil strike, their civil war, and deciding who to run that country should be left to them,” Paul told RT. “Unfortunately, others get involved and it seems like its irresistible for the US to be involved.”

So far the US has indefinitely severed military contacts with Russia and is reportedly weighing further sanctions should that country’s leader, President Vladimir Putin, authorize any advancement, especially in the peninsula of Crimea where pro-Russian troops have been stationed toe-to-toe against soldiers loyal to Ukraine. According to Paul, however, adding the US to the equation at any capacity would be the wrong move for US Pres. Barack Obama to make.

“We certainly don’t want to send troops in right now,” he told RT, and attempting to assist by offering any financial aid would be impossible.

“We are out of money,” he said, “so this idea that we are going to start bailing out Ukraine is total nonsense.”

“I don’t see how we could afford that, nor should we do it,” he said. “The whole thing makes no sense whatsoever from an economic viewpoint [or] from a political viewpoint. It’s always vying for control, and I think that’s what is going on.”

In Congress and while running for US president, Paul separated himself from the political establishment time and time again by adamantly opposing intervention of any sort. But while he may have retired last year after an unsuccessful third bid for the White House, he without a doubt is still critical of any attempts from the Obama administration to involve the country in another nation’s affairs.

“America always wants their hands in things. They have an empire to build and defend, and I think it’s a mess,” he told RT.

“I don’t think we should have an interest” in Ukraine, he added. “If we did it should be that we should encourage the Ukrainians to solve their problems, and once they have a government we should be open to working with them and talking to them.”

When asked by RT’s Liz Wahl if he had any advice for the current administration with regards to the Ukrainian conflict, Paul said “we should stay out of it and not be a participant.”

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Jesus Gallardo A 26.04.2014 08:22

greatest congressman alive, Ron Paul. Having him supporting the views shown by RT, only comes to show that this network is to be trusted! Common sense at its best!


Deb Kumar 17.03.2014 14:38

why USA is bothered about other countries matters ? who has given USA to act as solicitor ? In the name of humanitarian aid they US army try to control the country. Then american companies flock in that country to make money. Because american blue chips companies control US president & army. In this way american politicians and companies flourish, they destroy will Ukrainian industries. Steal Ukrainian nuclear & air force technologies.Ukraini an people should understand it is a trap in name of sovereignty by USA. America only knows to market & sell themselves as good , but truth is they borrow money from others to live


Андрей Лилеев 12.03.2014 08:06

It is strict Russian aggression. When Ukraine gave up it's nukes in 1990's USA, UK and Russia guaranteed protection for Ukraine's independance and integrity.

Even more/ Ukraine is the only country in the world who trusted America and really did it!

Now one of guarantors have occupied the Ukrainian territory and it sims they even won't stop.

So what other GUARANTORS should do? Stay aside?

What is US's word worth then? Nothing?

US must help Ukraine with any actions including possible military aid if they want others to get rid of nukes. Otherwise why should they disarm if USA don't keep promisses and don't protect.

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