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Teenager creates twitter storm after terror tweet

Published time: April 15, 2014 13:05
Scott Olson / Getty Images / AFP

Scott Olson / Getty Images / AFP

Dozens of twitter users have sent threats to American Airlines after a 14 year-old Dutch girl tweeted the air company telling them she was a member of Al-Qaeda and that she was “going to do something really big,” on June 1.

One user, @ShyyLicious, said “I have a bomb under the next plane to take off,” another, @ddlovatosteddy, said “I’m gonna bomb your 737 jet,” while @nonfreak tweeted “release her or I’ll bomb your HQ. You gonna arrest me now?” All the threats were hoaxes.

The girl, who gave her name as Sarah, immediately said the tweet was a joke after being contacted by American Airlines, who said it “takes these threats very seriously” adding that the issue would be passed on to the FBI. The American carrier lost two of its aircraft on September 11, 2001, when 19 Al-Qaeda terrorists carried out an unprecedented attack on the United States, killing nearly 3,000 people.

She had initially claimed to be Ibrahim from Afghanistan and a member of a terrorist group, but quickly admitted it was a joke after learning of the seriousness of the matter, which unfortunately also led to over a dozen pranksters also sending American Airlines threats.

However, there were plenty of twitter users who were aghast at the Dutch teenager’s actions. User @rupertagnew condemned her tweet saying, “Yesterday I said @QueenDemetriax_ is the dumbest person on twitter. Well now she's been arrested by dutch police LOLZ”

A number of the tweets have since been deleted, including the teenage girl’s account. According to BNO News, she was identified as being from Rotterdam and brought to a local police station. She was taken into custody and charged with making a false report.

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Ethan Hunt 23.07.2014 09:03

This really shows what kind of person you are, and I hate to inform you, that I find your opinion very ignorant, uneducated and dangerous.
[quot e name='Bella Vallelunga' time='16.04.2014 10:56']In the end who did it shouldn't matter!![/quote]


Darcy Freeman 16.04.2014 17:24

Why did she do it? Bored? Take away Sarahs' twitter account. Take Sarah's Tv away. Make Sarah have fun outside without Sarah's Computer. All for the love of 3 freaking years. Sarah the Dutch girl, Do homework the old fashion way. Read a book.


Bella Vallelunga 16.04.2014 11:13

The only threats are the people of America who don't stand with Americans. we aren't the only country. taking away NSA and blaming our Government wont change anything!! If its such a big problem go do something!! your not a big scary person throwing words around on here. Your a scared person hiding behind your computer screen. What that girl did was a FEDERAL crime, and ANY threat should be taken serious.The world is not a safe place, Not every country is friends with each other. I stand with my Country, not all my Government, but my country, And ill do anything to protect its people. As you are all to stupid to see

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