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Donetsk is British? Ukrainians vote in mock referendum to join UK

Published time: March 25, 2014 16:15

Ukrainians in the eastern city of Donetsk have voted in an online spoof referendum to secede from Ukraine and join the UK. Residents wrote that their hometown was founded by a Briton, so the UK should seize this “decisive moment” and take them in.

"Donetsk is a British city! God Save the Queen," they wrote on social networks in an appeal to “reunite” their hometown with Britain, local media reported. The mock appeal follows the March 16 Crimean referendum that resulted in Crimea seceding Ukraine and joining Russia.

The link with Britain comes from the first ironworks in Donetsk, which were founded by a Welshman, John Hughes, at the end in the 19th century. The town was subsequently named Yuzovka, or Hughesovka.

"Glory to John Hughes and his town!”

"We are demanding a referendum on returning Yuzovka to its original bosom — Great Britain!" the appeal said.

It asked “fellow Britons" to seize this "decisive moment" while urging residents to vote on "where your children will live and what language they will speak."

According to local media, the online poll attracted about 7,000 people, while over 950,000 call Donetsk their home, according to a 2012 census.

As of Sunday, the poll showed that 61 percent of respondents favored joining Britain, while another 16 percent favored "broad regional autonomy" with English as an official language, reported.

The online frenzy gripped Twitter as users suggested a new world order.

“Maybe we should really take the world and divide it again. Huh?” reads the tweet below.

After President Viktor Yanukovich was ousted in February, Donetsk has been gripped by protests against Kiev’s coup-imposed government. Thousands of demonstrators have been demanding to hold a referendum to decide on the future of the region, just like in Crimea, who refused to recognize the country's new authorities.

The referendum resulted in over 96 percent of voters backing the autonomous republic joining Russia. Russia last week welcomed Crimea’s integration.

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Darrin Mccullar 07.04.2014 07:35

well to tell the truth ,.it's a hobbie and I could turn the sudan over the the U.K as a colony if funded but who am I just a mutt ,...the u.s.a don't even speak my name so I have to go with Russia ,.but I still love the queen and god save the queen


Kevin Rinaldi 03.04.2014 13:04

Sounds like a good idea to me. The Scots go, the Ukrainian Russians join. Their women are far more attractive, and we could let Scotland have all our homosexuals. I'm sure they'd love them.


Rostislav Babiak 26.03.2014 12:30

Michael Dunham 25.03.2014 20:04

[quote name='Rostislav Babiak' time='25.03.2014 19:50']


I noticed you did not include the additional information which shows that in fact the EU does determine what the passports contain and look like. They simply do not print them. By the way, there does exist an EU passport but they are used by EU officials from what I can make out from the information.

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