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​'Like Hoover on MLK': Greenwald to expose NSA spying on US Muslims

Published time: July 03, 2014 08:56
AFP Photo / Getty Images / Mario Tama

AFP Photo / Getty Images / Mario Tama

Glenn Greenwald, one of the journalists with access to documents leaked by Edward Snowden, will soon expose massive NSA spying on American Muslims, the ACLU has announced.

The leaked data indicate that in public life American Muslims were "subject to the kind of surveillance that Hoover did on Martin Luther King," ACLU executive director Anthony Romero told an Aspen Ideas Festival panel Wednesday.

He didn’t provide further details, or any deadline for the expected exposé to be published, explaining that preparing it is labor-intensive because the source material is a database rather than some materials prepared for public presentation.

"It will be interesting to see who is on this list but I don't know," The Atlantic reported him as saying. "It will be interesting to see if there were members of Congress on this list, what kind of judicial review was provided."

The controversial discriminating practice of surveillance on US Muslims after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks came to public prominence in 2011, when The Associated Press reported on NYPD's spying on Muslims in New York City and neighboring New Jersey.

The revelation sparked outrage, with dozens Muslim leaders and human rights groups speaking out against it, but the practice was not abandoned until April 2014.

The controversy remains as the practice itself was ruled by a federal court to be a lawful anti-terrorism effort that didn’t amount to civil-rights violation. The program’s efficiency, however, was dubious at best, as police admitted that it didn’t generate a single lead.

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Sea Rle 05.07.2014 20:22

Anna 05.07.2014 08:50

My fellow Americans are on Kool Aid, look at the NSA collecting all our info, it started out with the war on terror lies, and 13 years later we all found out it was on the world.


You probably don't know of no touch torture program for American Muslims known as "gang stalking" Muslims to a suicide.It involves 19,000 employees in very city like your police,friends who can bully you to your death and harass your daily. Such program most participants are Christian radicals like Mormons but program is well covered and protected. NSA has big role to play in this.


Anna 05.07.2014 08:50

As an American, born and raised Muslim, who are we kidding, this country is the most fascist that ever existed. Hitler is put to shame compared to our American Govt. It saddens me more on what our America has become, more than them spying on me. What Christians and other Americans do not understand is, they are next, it starts with Muslims and eventually the entire population, they see how others react and if quiet than it turns on all. My fellow Americans are on Kool Aid, look at the NSA collecting all our info, it started out with the war on terror lies, and 13 years later we all found out it was on the world.


Elizabeth Allen 04.07.2014 19:37

When the US attacks, bombs, slaughters, imprisons you think they are going to thank the US? Muslim faith is how they live their lives, they have every right to their religious freedoms as any other group. We went after the "commies", and now the new enemy is the "muslims". ...why? Cuz many of them live in countries that dare have OIL under their feet.

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