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Anaheim police kill another man, cops filmed firing on women & children at protest (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Published time: July 23, 2012 09:10
Edited time: July 23, 2012 18:06

Anaheim police shoot dead another man (Image from Twitter/@amberjamie99pct)

Download video (3.2 MB)

Anaheim police have shot dead yet another man just a day after killing 24-year old Manuel Diaz. The previous day's shooting sparked a protest against police brutality that was violently broken up by authorities.

Police say the second shooting took place on Sunday, when anti-gang crime officers spotted a stolen SUV and started chasing it. Three suspects were said to have jumped out of the SUV, with police continuing their pursuit on foot. The men reportedly opened fire at an officer, and the policeman retaliated by shooting dead one of the shooters.  

However, eyewitnesses say police shot dead a man who was already handcuffed, OC Weekly reports.

Family friends told the Weekly that the victim was Joel Acevedo, a resident of Anaheim.

Residents on the scene allegedly tried to take photos from a second floor of an apartment block, but police obscured their view with flash lights. The second alleged killing took place a few blocks away from the place where 24-year-old  Manuel Diaz was gunned down by police on Saturday.

Scene of the alleged murder of Joel Acevedo. Image from Twitter/@UrbanIntifada
Scene of the alleged murder of Joel Acevedo. Image from Twitter/@UrbanIntifada
Image from Twitter/@PaliCali48
Image from Twitter/@PaliCali48


Cops use rubber bullets and release dog on protesters

In the wake of Diaz's death, roughly 200 people gathered to protest police brutality and pelted cops with bottles.

Police attempted to break up the crowds firing beanbag rounds and tear gas. A shocking video of the riot shows women and children amongst the panicking demonstrator, fleeing for cover.

Footage shows a police dog slipping from an officer’s hand and taking down one of the protesters and biting his arm before being brought under control.

“They just released the dog, and I had my baby and my stroller,” resident Susan Lopez told local television channel KCAL.

Demonstrations have raged in Anaheim since Saturday afternoon when Diaz died of his wounds after being shot by cops.

On Sunday enraged protesters stormed the local police station amid chants of “no justice, no peace” and "cops, pigs, murderers."

Two officers spotted three men, one of whom was Diaz, acting suspiciously in an alleyway, the police's account of the story says. The men tried to run from  police, but one of the officers gave chase and fatally shot Diaz next to an apartment complex.

A video showing the moments right after the shooting has emerged on YouTube. The video also shows that Diaz’s head was covered in blood, raising doubts about whether the police’s actions were justified. There have also been complaints online that police did not do enough to help the wounded Diaz, who apparently was still twitching at the beginning of the video.

The video’s description says that the witness who took the video has chosen to remain anonymous over fear of reprisals.

A policeman levels his gun at protesters.
A policeman levels his gun at protesters.
Police dog takes protester down and bites his arm.
Police dog takes protester down and bites his arm.
Police fire rubber bullets at protesters.
Police fire rubber bullets at protesters.
Demonstrators carry off a boy injured in the ensuing panic.
Demonstrators carry off a boy injured in the ensuing panic.


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