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Army manual for re-education camps applies to US citizens

Published time: May 04, 2012 16:25
Edited time: May 04, 2012 20:34

The Pentagon (AFP Photo / Win McNamee)

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After reporting this week on a Pentagon-created plan for interning activists at re-education camps, questions were asked about the US Army manual that allegedly outlines the resettling of US citizens. Can Americans be sent to propaganda prisons?

Now as more and more news organizations are investigating the recently unearthed military manual, FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations, verification is coming in that the callous plans to populate military camps in the US and abroad are not only authentic, but indeed establishes blueprints for putting the country’s own citizens into guarded Army detainment centers.

“They always tell the media that it’s for disasters — domestically — or foreign wars and putting people in camps like Abu Ghraib in Iraq or Camp X-Ray in Cuba, but now more and more documents are coming out confirming what I’ve already had from sources and my researching into this,” radio host Alex Jones tells RT. According to Jones, he has seen the Pentagon refit old military bases into camps through the Emergency Centers Establishment Act “to prepare them for, quote, ‘emergencies,’” but there is way more than the government isn’t saying.

“I’ve been to the drills and I noticed that they were training with the role players to put American political dissidents in them,” Jones says about sending US civilians into the camps.

“I witnessed marines training to confiscate firearms on the West Coast and to put Americans both on the left and the right into camps and even segregate them according to their different political persuasions,” adds Jones.

Jones continues that Pentagon officials have informed him in the past about plans to re-educate political activists by armed enforcers, but the leaking of the elusive document confirms what he has been cautioned of in the past.

“Now we have an Army document that dovetails with huge increased spending, hiring tens of thousands of people in the military to specifically be internment camp officers.”

After combing through the 300-plus pages of 3-39.40, the website Infowars also addresses questions over whether or not the manual would make it so that the US government could send its own citizens to reeducation camps. In their own analysis, the site singles out certain sections of the manual that specifically discuss not just “The authority to approve resettlement such operations within US territories,” but how, also, “US citizens will be confined separately from detainees” by being booked and processed according to their Social Security number.

“Last time I checked, the United States Social Security Administration was not responsible for handing out social security numbers to people in Afghanistan or Iraq,” explains Infowar’s Paul Joseph Watson.

As if the text of the paper wasn’t enough, Watson breaks it down for those that are still skeptic that the American military would want to imprison its own citizens and install in them an “appreciation of US policies and actions.”

“The time for denial is over. People spent weeks arguing over the ‘indefinite detention’ provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act, ignoring assertions by top scholars and legal experts that the kidnapping provisions did apply to U.S. citizens,” writes Watson. Sure enough, when US President Barack Obama signed the NDAA into law on December 31, he acknowledged that he had his own reservations about the provisions that provide for the indefinite detention of his own citizens without charge.

Now coupled with a leaked copy of the Internment and Resettlement Operations guide, it looks as if not only can the US imprison its own citizens that disagree with the government — but it has already laid out the rules.

“This isn’t just some contingency plan,” Alex Jones tells RT. “This is the manual.”

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MonsantoGoingDown 24.03.2014 00:48

just google: FM 3-39.40 (I was going to include some URLs but RT's filters wouldn't accept them)


@_warcriminals 20.12.2013 03:48

I love you and your articles, trolls,block them they're an ez hack.We follow one another on Twitter.I have a gazillion Arab and Persian speakers.They expect me to translate, I haven't the time nowBush announced in '07 we are all going to die from the Avian flu,needed"Quar antine Camps",back room,midnight,secret signing ofThe John Warner Defense Act of 2007.They[the Obstructionists]thre w it in the bill they were voting on using Stealth Legislation it slid through.Ergo the war criminals suspend habeas and PosseComitatus the same Day, we thought the Nat Guard were taking us to the camps then.Check PD12333.A key


@_warcriminals 20.12.2013 03:28

Anonymous user 22.02.2013 21:03

Waldo, I couldn't agree with you more! I cannot stand the way that man is CONSTANTLY ANGRY, EITHER!


trolls. why should we as, speaking for myself, a nonprofit journalist give you what may have taken active duty commissioned officers in the Sandbox their lives to allow us to learn. albeit I know where my articles started with this. 2007, John Warner Defense Act of 2007, bush decided we needed quarantined areas because we were all going to get Avian Flu, oh yeah, sure, right, you war criminal.
Don't tell me you use Wikipedia.

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