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White House confirms CIA director visited Ukraine over weekend

Published time: April 14, 2014 17:26
Edited time: April 15, 2014 11:31
CIA Director John Brennan (Reuters / Gary Cameron)

CIA Director John Brennan (Reuters / Gary Cameron)

White House spokesman Jay Carney confirmed that CIA Director John Brennan visited Ukrainian capital Kiev over the weekend and met with high-ranked Ukrainian officials.

Previously, deposed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich accused Brennan of ordering a crackdown on pro-Russian activists in the east of the country.

The CIA had already dismissed these accusations as "completely false", but did not disclose whether its chief had actually been to Kiev - until now.

"We don't normally comment on the CIA director's travel but given the extraordinary circumstances in this case and the false claims being leveled by the Russians at the CIA we can confirm that the director was in Kiev as part of a trip to Europe," White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters.

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had also demanded an explanation about the nature of the visit.

"Senior level visits of intelligence officials are a standard means of fostering mutually beneficial security cooperation including U.S.-Russian intelligence collaboration going back to the beginnings of the post-Cold War era," Carney explained.

"U.S. and Russian intelligence officials have met over the years. To imply that U.S. officials meeting with their counterparts is anything other than in the same spirit is absurd."

In an interview aired on Russian state television on Sunday, Yanukovich, who has been in southern Russia since fleeing Ukraine in February, said that Brennan had “sanctioned the use of weapons and provoked bloodshed."

“The US bears its share of responsibility for starting a civil war in Ukraine, not only through diplomatic influence, but its security forces, which do not only meddle, but issue orders,” said the Ukrainian politician.

On Monday, Aleksandr Yakimenko, the head of Ukraine's security service, the SBU, during Yanukovich's term went one step further, and said that his successor, Valentin Nalivaychenko, is a double agent working for the CIA.

"Nalivaychenko was recruited by the US when he was Ukraine's Consul General in Washington [2001-2003]," said Yakimenko, for whom an arrest warrant has been issued in Kiev since he left the country last month, while speaking to Russia's Channel One.

"The US is currently creating a sort of controlled chaos that is helping to blow up the bridges between Russia and Ukraine."

Acting President Aleksandr Turchinov has announced that “an anti-terrorist operation” will be carried out against armed protesters, who have occupied government buildings in the Russian-speaking east of the country.

Gunfire has already been exchanged in the provincial city of Slavyansk, resulting in the death of at least one Ukrainian soldier.

Turchinov insists that the protesters are led and funded by Russian security services, and says that Moscow is executing "the Crimean scenario" that will lead to the secession of eastern territories from Ukraine. He has requested a UN intervention in the region.

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Franco 12.05.2014 07:36

"USA, after some weeks, are forced to confirm the visit of CIA chief to Kiev. Very interesting!!!
I ndeed, USA and the EU-puppies are throwing off the mask. They:
a) support presidential elections in the Nazi-Ukraine, blaming the same in Siria;
b) condamn the free referendum in Donbass, plauding the use of army against the people;
c) put Nazy on the Ukraine throne;
d) help the worst dregs of the society everywhere;
e) fears their citizens, controlling them with every tool;
f) promote caos, disvalues and ignorance;
g) and promise us a dystopic world.
Putin: Free the west from the “visitors”!!


Ivo Petrović 24.04.2014 09:14

Chanakya Arjun 17.04.2014 22:03

I just can't understand why US thinking Putin & Russia enemy Nr.1 ? For me Obama seems behaving like OSAMA towards Russia.


Understand one simple truth. The world condemn what Russia is doing to Ukraine. That's it.


Anwar 21.04.2014 11:34

@Joshua: You forgot and One G_d of Ishmael as well. The revelations, Pslams/Zaboor (David), Old Testament/Torah (Moses), New Testament/Injeel (Jesus) was meant to be for that time and for that nation. then finalised by the Last revelation Qu'ran (Muhammad) for all humanity till end of time
The Rabbi's and christian scholars knew the coming of Muhammad which had been prophecised in their scriptures but out of prejudice and jealousy changed what was revealed.
We as Muslims beleive in all of the prophets equally without any prejudice and say that the Mighty messenger of Allah Isa (Jesus) will return to kill anti christ

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