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The Alyona Show

The Alyona Show: The Tea Party's Last Stand
 David Wood of Politics Daily, a 30 year war correspondent, recently wrote a riveting piece on the drug addiction problems of Afghan police recruits and the conflict that presents as they attempt to stop the drug trade in their country. He&rsqu... 16.03.2010 15:00
The Alyona Show

Based out of RT's Washington DC Bureau, The Alyona Show is what you wish you could see on mainstream television. Alyona Minkovski offers a fresh perspective on US and world politics by covering bold and daring stories no one else dares to touch. It's an hour you'll never forget.

The Alyona Show: Ahmedinejad Talks to RT

World leaders are in New York for the 65th annual UN General Assembly and RT’s Marina Portnaya sat down with ...

21.09.2010 17:00
Mubarak's out, what now?

­President Mubarak has officially stepped down, just a day after he announced he was going to remain in office. ...

12.02.2011 01:02
Censored: H5N1 research

­We'll take a look at the TSA, as millions of holiday travelers prepare for a hellish traveling experience. Our ...

23.12.2011 03:00
Financial сheck-up: Nothing good in April jobs numbers

­We'll take a look at the jobs numbers that are out for the month of April. We’ll get into the nitty gritty on our ...

05.05.2012 01:00
June Jobs Report: Economic "Paralysis"

­Tonight, we'll take a look at the stagnant jobs report that serves as that oh so unpleasant reminder that the ...

07.07.2012 03:00
The Alyona Show: Obama Trapped by his Generals

When I say, the American Taliban, what comes to mind? What if I told you, that these people are just your average ...

22.09.2010 14:00
Debt reduction commission releases report "The moment of truth"

­We'll tell you what the commission proposed in its list of cuts, but will lawmakers go for it? The Atlantic’s ...

01.12.2010 03:00
Afghanistan withdrawal far from over

­Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell's former chief-of-staff discusses President Obama's speech on withdrawing troops ...

21.06.2011 23:34
Lessig: US could fall like Rome

We'll speak to Lawrence Lessig about the Occupy movement, and his new book about how money has corrupted our ...

28.10.2011 23:57